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Good to know , thing is , I’m not quitting .
Im just cutting back .


Got the same advice from my Doc. First 2-3 weeks I had sore gums & teeth.
The ulcers didnt kick in until a month or two after.


I found that beer actually tastes better without the smokes, which is an excellent reason to quit totally :sunglasses:


And the hangovers are nowhere near as bad.


Yeah, forgot about that. Another Brucey Bonus


Makes no odds to me as i drink everyone’s least favourite , Budweiser !
Haven’t had a hangover in years since i gave up the shorts ! Always good to line the stomach after a night out .


Thanks @Vin @Rochey for the replies about the pitch.
Might jar out some other lost memories.


Yeah I thought it was a rugger pitch too. Anyone remember going to a fireworks display in Croker in maybe the late 70s (1977/78 maybe??)


It was owned originally by Belvo…It was officially a running track with pitch in the middle. They used to hold track & field events there for Primary & Secondary Schools.
Did play there v Scoil years ago.


It was a huge building that they demolished to build the area that is there now.

It was this

And is now this


Wow never realised that at all! Looks like a prison or a psychiatric hospital! What purpose did it serve?


It does look like a prison alright, as I said I think me ma and da met there :joy::joy:

It was a holiday camp
In 1947, a holiday camp was opened on Red Island. The camp had comfortable bedrooms and central heating. It also had a dance hall, theatre, a miniature golf course, a sun lounge and a bar. However cheap air travel, which arrived in the 1960s, allowed people to holiday abroad. This gradually brought an end to Skerries as a major holiday resort and the camp was demolished in 1980.


Jeeze - and that’s all relatively recent! They must have lost a fortune. Don’t see Storm in a Teacup there!!

Meanwhile Mosney thrives …


Was only talking to the kids about Mosney this morning. They had never heard of it. Great memories


There used to be a night club/dance hall in it in the 70’s, I remember my sister and her pals going there, and as far as I know horslips played the new years eve gig a couple of times too.


Yea Im pretty sure they played there a good few times. I asked the father in law about it and I believe the government bought the land to turn it into what it is now rather than it losing a load of money and being shut down


Hmmmm, Red Island? Hmmmm… Was it really just an evil socialist labour camp for errant Fine Gaelers?


Have to go to Limerick for Sun and likely to get there late Sat. Not mad about b&bs but the hotel prices are mad and I’ll literally be in and out with early enough Sun start and lucky to get a few pints on the Sat. Anyone know anywhere good? Has to be in City. Ta.


How is the Gigolo business lately?


Sh1te. Hence the post above.