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Set it to full-automatic.


55 lids. Nice led display on it showing lots of different information.
Battery percentage
Ohmsstrong text

How long do you normally hold down the button for a drag ?


Is that what you meant :joy:


FFS! Yes!


Nice looking unit that. I usually press the button to fire up the coil/atomizer for about 5 seconds whilst at the same time dragging in the Vapour.
What ohm coil are you using 1.8, 1.6 ?
This will determine what wattage/voltage you ideally need to run thro the coil to create the vapour.


Made a bleedin bags of that one!


1.5 , i think ?
Default is 8w, 3.5v


Does it take Amber Leaf oil??


The rear of the Cusack that is now the big car park. Was Croke Park owned as far as I recall, but I defo remember playing a club challenge game on it as a kid and pretty sure it was O’Connell boys we played.


Yes , apparently !

Im looking for Mayfair green myself


The mouth ulcers are a bitch when they start, as you said, one of the side effects of not having poisonous smoke in your mouth 20 or 30 times a day. I use corsydyl toothpaste whenever I get them now, which is probably once a year, (off the smokes about 9 years), it tastes like sh1t, very salty sh1t at that, but it’s really good at stopping the ulcers.
As for the quitting, I used the patches which I found really helped as it took the edge off long enough for the will power to take over for the long haul.


I think about 12-13 Watts would be a good starting point. I try to stay within these wattage ranges for coils.
1.8ohm 10-13 Watts
1.6ohm 11-14 Watts.
Based on that Id say your Wattage range could be 12-15 or 16.
If you vape at 16 though the coil will burn out quicker. If I was you I would set the wattage to 12 or 13 and see if you get what you need taste and hit wise.
What strength and flavour liquid did you go for?


12mg per ml kinship menthol .
Have heisent blue & quotro to try next


Thanks for that Rochey.
I played with OCB and Scoil myself but we used Clontarf and Fairview so didnt think it was ours.
Saw an old aerial photo of Croker over the weekend and it triggered a memory in me. Only recall playing there the once.


I remember looking out the back of the old Cusack at half time and there was a rugby game going on. Think it was Belvrdere school, maybe they sold it to Croker. This was early 70s.


Well it was a friendly, so maybe a once off. My memory of it was that the pitch was in pristine condition.

It deffo was a rugby pitch originally, but when they bought the land with a view to extending the Cusack it was turned into a Gaelic pitch IIRC


If you vape at 13 watts Id say you will be grand. Google the range for that coil just to see what the highest wattage is. You will find rhe sweet spot yourself anyway over time.

Also re: the mouth ulcers some good advice given already about this. I had about 4 months misery with them. The yellow Listerine mouthwash & Anbesol ointment work well too.


It was owned by Belvedere College and was mainly used as a rugby pitch.
The GAA bought it from them as part of the Cusack Stand redevelopment in the first stage of the Croke Park development in the 90’s


OK , i wasn’t expecting this :hushed:
Is this always the case or just for heavy smokers coming off them.
Im not a heavy smoker .


Supposed to be a sign that your body is recovering from smoking