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I told yis already…


I decided at the start to buy from a dedicated Vape shop. I buy from Vapourpal or Hale. Theres a shop on Talbot Street eCirette and they also have an online shop I have used too.
The staff in the vape shops are usually vapers themselves and can help with problems, questions or general advice.


Maith thú.


Gave them up 5 years ago after smoking since I was 15, by the time I had given them up I was only actually smoking when having a drink, but I nearly had to have one lit before I even had a mouthful it was that much of a habit. Moved onto the vapes and only used it when I was having a drink. Was off them for 3 years but still vaping when having a gargle(most nights), then the wife’s sister died very suddenly. The wife had been off them just over a year at that stage and both of us without even talking about it started again and am still back on them now. I keep saying I’ll go back on the vapes again and even bought a new one 2 weeks ago. I love having a smoke with my drink, but they are just way too expensive


I got the Nicorette patches. Bought 14 and stuck on one the day after I decided to give them up. Was on 14th patch when I was going to Rome for a couple of days so thought I’d pick the patches up over there. When I got to Rome there was none to be had. I was out in Trastevere, it was September (2012), balmy evening sitting out with a pizza and a Peroni and every second person smoking away - but I didn’t. Got back to Dublin on the Saturday and bought 7 patches and stuck one in my wallet. It is still there (expiry 09/2014!!) with the other 6 long thrown out.


I had a condom like that once!


If it’s just a “Best Before” and not a “Use By” date you’re still good to go on that one! :grin:


Think it was best before 1986 or something like that. Anyway, I have a natural contraceptive built in, my personality!


Any Ressers of a certain vintage remember a holiday camp in Skerries called “Red Island” ?


Before my time, but know of it alright. Think me ma and da met there


Found an old official tour guide for Dublin in a book shop.
Red Island is advertised in it.
Can’t find a publishing date but Aer Lingus advert lists it’s passenger numbers for 1948 so I’m guessing 1950 or so.
It’s a great find, delighted with it.


Think it was closed down around mid seventies to build the green area thats there now


how do you build a green area … does it not just happen


If I remember correctly, Red Island was run by the parents of former Superquinn boss and Senator Fergal Quinn.


Right , picked up this bad boy today .
TECC Arc mini

55 lids. Nice led display on it showing lots of different information.
Battery percentage

How long do you normally hold down the button for a drag ?


Looks a weapon of mass destruction


Handy little yoke alright ! Tastes like the e cig i had before .That’s why im asking about how long to hold the button .Im sure there’s more to it , like upping the voltage to get a better drag . Still trying to figure out the right settings on !


That’s quite the butt plug, enjoy!


It has multiple uses :wink:


Wondering if anyone can throw light on this.
There was a green area beside the Cusack Stand that I have a vague recollection playing a match or a blitz on it.
Am pretty sure the pitch had goalposts, lines etc. Does anyone know if it was used/owned by a specific club?