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I gave them up years ago but I still like to get the odd whiff of a Major outside a pub after a match.
Pubs are much smellier since the ban, all those farts and BO were well disguised by the smoke.
Now if I could only do something about my drinking…


A mate of mine gave them up using a brand of pills called Champix. The drug is called Varenicline. No doubt, this won’t work for everyone but it worked for him.
Ask your GP
Read instructions carefully.


That was my method. It worked, but let me say this, if I ever started smoking again, I’d rather choke on lung fluid than go through that again.

The side effect warnings were something like this:

1 in 10 may experience stomach cramps
1 in 100 may experience diarrhea and flatulence
1 in 500 may experience disturbed sleep patterns
1 in 1000 may experience traumatic dreams
1 in 10,000 may experience psychotic episodes…

Well I had every muddafugging last one of them! I was friggin miserable for the 3 months I was on the drug. My wife was close to leaving me and I was a walking psycho!


Did it cold turkey as the gum made me sick. Horrible experience, mad dreams etc and an absolute nightmare to be around. But it actually reinforced my will to quit, really hit home that it’s an addiction. And that pissed me off.

Still get the (very) odd pang but it doesn’t last - you won’t be walking around for ever gumming for a smoke. Read Alan Carr’s book, very clever approach where it highlights waht you are regaining instead of what you are giving up.


Well , myself & the wife are starting tomorrow on the vaps so this should be fun :joy:


You’ll be grand. It’s the second head you’ll sprout on your shoulder I’d worry about, god knows what is in them things!


Hash vapes are the muts nuts!


Going to ease into it , if i find the right flavour ill be just grand . I tried the gum before & it was vile .
I think this is the way to go.


You shop on Meath St too I see.


Go for it.


Well very best of luck. When I finally got over the psychosis and after several successful court defences, I came out the far side a far healthier person… Until I started putting on the weight. Apparently your metabolism slowing and increased appetite returning can make ye fat… Wish they told me that 5 stone ago!



Oliver Bond flats!




Im going to be uping my training regime so ill be keeping an eye on that .
Did you actually just eat more out of boredom ?


Genuinely, the rediscovery of taste buds was a huge factor, that and the drug replacement came in the form of eating too… An element of boredom I guess too!


Best of luck to the two of yiz.
One other piece of advice its good to have a backup device or battery with you just in case something goes wrong with your main one. Even the cheap disposable tank kits can get you out of a jam.


Cool , ah look , i wont be climbing the walls or anything . As i said i time my cigs so ill be well prepared if that battery is hitting close to zero !


Best way to find the right flavour is to visit the main vape shops. My local Vapourpal have a load of tanks filled with liquids you can taste.
If you want a tobacco flavour some people I know recommend RY4.


I quit smoking 4 years ago using the vape, about a week in I got a mad outbreak of mouth ulcers which nearly had me giving up the vape and back on the smokes. Turns out its one of the side effects of quitting smoking that some people encounter. Don’t get disheartened and if you can set small targets like 1 day, 1 week, 1 month etc it makes it more manageable. I gave up the vape using the same method after I initially set myself a 3 month target to be free from both.

Best of luck!


Lads, taking the plunge this week. What’s the best place or site to get Vape?