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Yeah , the wife has one of those starter pack , cheap vaps . I asked the seller for 3 different flavours so I’ll test them out . Just getting to the stage where I don’t actually enjoy it any more & it’s really just out of habit now . Will give it a spin over the weekend & see how it goes !
Cheers :ok_hand:


Best of luck with it. If you are a 20 a day smoker you can easily save €50-€60 a week.
I was on the starter kit about 6 months before I moved up to the higher wattage battery and larger capacity juice tank.
Never liked the tobacco flavours & use Liqua American Blend which I mix whatever flavour Im into at the time.
Two bits of advice… Vape like you would smoke. I think a cig can last 8-9 pulls or something. When I started out I just horsed into it and the headaches from nicotine overdose were bad.
Also drink plenty of water as vaping dehydrates apparantly.


Have ya got the name of the 1 you use @TippDub?


Excellent suggestion , I had wondered how I would try & keep the effect of smoking a cigarette.


Im using a 75 watt iStick Pico Mod (Battery Unit) for the last year or so. This unit houses a removable battery. I have a spare battery for this too so no worrying about it dying on me.

Now for the technical minefield…
I tried sub-ohm vaping for a time, running high wattage (30 or 40 watts) through a low Ohm coil to get extra flavour and cloud from the juice.
Didnt like it so am now using a high 1.8 or 1.6 ohm coil in a K3 Nautilus tank.
A pack of 5 coils are about €15. A coil can last me a week or sometimes two. As Im only running 10 to 15 watts ever time I vape the battery life is excellent. Will easily last me a day even if Im vaping more than usual.
I have tried a load of tanks over the years and am settled on the K3 Nautilus now. It hold 2ml of Juice. Havent had any trouble with it.


Jesus Christ. Are you manning the Hubble telescope or vaping?


Sounds like a mini Gatling gun.


I used to vape at the start constantly before I settled into a pattern. I found that helped me.

Also when I was a smoker if I was in a lengthy meeting I would be hanging for a fag. Dont get withdrawals anything like that on the vape.


You should read some of the Vaping forums if you think what I wrote is bad. :grin:


Stopped smoking 11 years and 5 stone ago. Used to think it was the best thing I ever did, now with all the extra weight, I’m really not sure…I guess I’m a glutton for something!


Gave them up in 99. Best thing I ever done. Disgusting habit.


Funny that. I still miss them every day! I was a 30/40 a day bloke, sometimes 50 if I was on an all day bender!!! (see the 2006 AI SF V Mayo for an example of a 60 day)


Used to smoke 25 to 30 a day .started when I was about 14 years old and smoked for about 20 years. Gave them up 14 years ago 2 weeks before Christmas . I read Allen Carr book on giving up smoking , I was very sceptical , but it worked for me .
Hate the sight of them now. Late 40s and still playing junior football :blush:


Only started when i was in college but was up @Rochey level years later .Cut back to about 10 or 11 a day last five years . Cant justify paying the amount i do for them now . Ill probably never give up but want to give this a shot .


I never tried to give them up in 20 years, never thought I’d have the will power. Once I started reading the give up smoking book for the first time I felt “ye I can give this a go”.
First couple of months were hard , but not as hard as I had invisiged. Little reminders from the book made sense and helped me .
I see guys now not able to breathe , wheezing and coughing and I thank God I picked up some that book . They are horrible things


Used to chain smoke for years & had those coughing spells. Since i cut back I’ve never had them .I don’t have a cigarette when i want one . I have them at timed intervals during the day so the will power is grand . But at the same time its become so much of a routine for me that i would miss them.I just can’t be arsed pissing away the money on them anymore . Its an absolute waste & nothing to show for it .


What pets do the ressers have?


Off them 6 years ago - thought I’d no will power - turns out I had - gave them up with first real try after about 35 years smoking - disgusted that I told myself for years and years that it would be too hard. Vape etc a joke imo - give the whole fcuking lot up.


You are our pet Ohm. We are going to Connecticut for thanksgiving btw , all of us and we are calling into your gaff( that’s dublinese for your house). Davy Byrne is coming too and he will be wearing a Wigan ath jersey.


Oh so many jokes in this one post :neutral_face: