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Yeah neighbour got it a Dutch lad


Leaf it out!


Excuse me - but Roman most certainly HAS a book deal.


I’ll never judge a book by its cover ever again! :grinning:


Looking to get a lot of work done in the back garden. This is the 4th year I’ve had a go at it and have failed miserably. It’s overgrown, the shed is in bits, the grass is in tatters. Essentially what I’m looking for is the entire garden pulled up all plants and shrubs removed, shed dismantled and the start from scratch with a new patio, lawn, shed, flower beds etc. Has anyone got this type of work done before and what was the price range for such work? It’s a typical sized semi detached back garden in West Dublin. Cheers


have a big back garden , so put in an insulated steel shed recently , dug the foundation out myself and put in the hardcore as the price of it would have cost the same as the shed.

Rented a rotivator to break up the soil from the area of the shed (150 sq ft) and then rotivated the front garden as it was always crap and uneven. sprayed it with round-up there last week , so will rake up the dead grass and level the soil next week and re seed the lawn and see how we go.

Patio shouldn’t be too hard to put down yourself.

if that all sounds like too much - pop a request up on one of those online tradesman websites , you’ll get a few ball park quotes there.


Cheers thanks. I’ve had a fair few goes and trying to kill all the old shrubs and plants but every year a different one springs up in its place :joy::joy:


that will kill everything in the garden !


Great stuff. Cheers


Get a few Irish lads in to price it and then get a few Polish lads in to do the job for a fraction of that … in half the time.


To stop yer missis from bolting?


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Howdy lads, looking to get a bathroom done, limited budget. New sink, throne and large Shower + one of those fancy towel racks rads. Tiling. Anyone recently get anything like this done and and have any idea of a ball park figure before I call out the tradesmen, I love the line (I’ll be sometime between 8 and 8) :grin:


Got en suite redone a few years ago. Something along the lines you were looking for. I also got tiles put down and taken up on floor & wall down stairs. Total was about €5k for everything.


■■■■… thats just for ensuite and tiling? Thanks. I’ll have to do an Angela Markle on it.


mate got the bathroom done , looking at 5K all right


That was for gutting my en suite (partition wall needed removing), new shower, toilet, sink, towel rail, floor & wall tiles, tiling, plumbing, wiring and the downstairs stuff.


Oh ok… cheers. I’ll shop around. I am going to try and source stuff myself, IKEA Sink and Jacks. And get a 1500mm long shower tray with Sliding Doors. Cheers!


I’m not sure what the craic is with IKEA bathrooms but if they’re anything like their kitchens i would say avoid getting them there. Everything is odd sizes in that place and near impossible to find a spare part if changing anything out.


Did you get a kitchen? Was thinking of that for next year…


Price for bathroom. Fully tiled could cost anything from 4,700 to 6,700.
Depending on type of Sanitaryware and tiles bought.( although this would include new flooring and newly slabbed walls )
One piece of advice is always get good shower doors.( Ie Flair, Merlin, Image.) Flair will be cheapest of the 3 . But still good material.
As regards Bathroom It’s very easy to get it done cheaper by sourcing materials yourself and doing the labour .
But very important to get shower tray put in right and get shower walks tanked ( a painted on membrane).
Davies Harmonstown at trade counter could sell you cheap toilet and sink .