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The guy I was talking to said to get the Sky Q boxes to work as wifi hotspots, as per Idris, in each room, you had to be on Sky broadband. That doesnt make sense to me. I would assume the additional boxes work like a TP link or the likes to boost the broadband through the electrical wires. Thats the main reason Im after this as the connection around my house is brutal. Jaysus, just checked my last bill, €145 per month Im paying, and thats without broadband!


Just looking at my bill there. Variety with Sports & Cinema HD for the month is roughly 100. Then sky multiscreen, I have 3 additional boxes is 15 euro per box, so the 145 makes sense. Is 100 for the variety & cinema HD more than I should be paying? I did ask about cancelling the movies but he said it wouldn’t make much of a difference to the overall cost because of the package I have


If that is how the technology is working then you would be sorted . Nothing better than wired broadband . If each of these boxes is a wifi hotspot then your sorted as well as if there shouldn’t be any drops in WiFi at all if the boxes are interspersed throughout the house . What exactly did the engineer say to when the fibre was installed . Like in theory I could get 100 Mb but that’s never going to happen unless your the only house on the estate connected , the contention ratio brings everything down . Its usually about 10% of what you can expect . Peak times,etc.


My brother doesn’t have sky broadband so yer man on the phone is talking bollox.

i have 2 boxes and pay 110 a month for broadband phone (which is 35 a month) - have variety package sports and movies and HD etc.

Ring up and cancel , say your going to Eir TV or soarview - tell them its cost - you would have stayed for Sky Q but its way too dear. Download the sky services app where you can check your bill before you do this - when you cancel and are in the last few weeks of your service - when you log onto that it will give you an offer to stay - well it did for me and it was much better than the crap i was being offered on the phone.

You’ll get nothing for being a loyal customer


Have an old telly, no hdmi connection, got rid of sky, don’t want to get a new tv yet, is it possible to get an old-style connection for internet to the telly I have? Not getting any tv contract again as am moving from my current home in a few weeks.


Tight ■■■■■■■!


not sure if the older boxes have scart leads still on them , Sky were offering a new TV when signing up earlier in the year


Yes that’s how it’s works basically a tp link on steroids


Told ya before I have a connection for ya. If yer in town the next days PM me and I’ll bring it in.


I won’t get any use from a new tv, I’m leaving the country for a while. I already had sky and let it go, as I said above there.


Great, will do.


Ah no man :sweat:, at least well have the internet to keep in touch :joy:


Internet in Ireland really is quite poor. I’m living abroad and 100MB is just standard. About €15/month for the first 6 months, and double after that.
Can get 1000MB for about €40, if you so wish.


I can’t wait for sometime in the future where there will be no need for line rental and those that don’t use landlines aren’t been charged for line rental . Renting a line , what a fucking racket…


Oh yeah, none of that malarkey here either


Ya can thank Mary O’Rourke for that. Keep an eye out for SIRO and sign up to their newsletters. Hopefully it will be in the next couple of years and EIR the ripoff bastrads can go do one.


Any ressers here electricians ? Or know someone who I could pick their brains about something ?


Not qualified, but was an auto elec before I was a mechanic and I re-wired my house under the guidance of a sparks. I might be able to help!


Excellent , ok my head is fucking wrecked by this . Had an issue with a doorbell awhile back , are you aware of how they are wired ? I know myself but just asking before I proceed any further .


Is it wired to the mains? Or a battery operated one?