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Nice work !


Yeah it’s them alright… They nice work. Believe it or not those posters are fairly straightforward to do if you have good source materials like hi res photos and good designer


Sure we couldn’t afford it for both codes…


Blue tooth ear bud earphones .
Any of ye have these , any recommendations .


Lads , if your returning a package from the likes of Amazon & they email you a return postage label , do you still have to pay postage here to send it ?


The last one they gave to me to return I just put the postage label they gave me on the parcel and brought it to the post office. No charge


Did you look for a refund ?
Did they return the full value ?
I see they will deduct the postage from your refund .


I was returning a product that arrived damaged. I got a full refund and then had to reorder the replacement.


Excellent , cheers !


Bastards charged me €6 , probably because the label was a Royal Mail one , I’d ordered using Parcel Motel so the senders address was in NI , not here .Said it didn’t cover the postage .

Lesson learned …


Driving to a gig in Malahide Castle tonight -
what’s the parking like up there, do any of you know? :slight_smile:


Dunno about parking. But give yourself plenty of time to get there. Traffic jams backed up to Clarehall, from mid afternoon last weekend.


Might get the Dorsh so.


That was on the Malahide Road though, which is the main way in. There are shortcuts via the back roads of Kinsealy/Ballgriffin/Portmarnock. Dunno if the Guards will have them blocked off though. They can be schnakey about that kind of stuff.


I’d give them a call but they all seem to have mislaid their phones lately…


Better off getting the Dort if you can if not park on the back road up towards Syls playing pitches and avoid coming the Malahide Road.

Was there last night and there’s only the one entrance now for gigs



How was it?


Richard Ashcroft was very good

Liam was good but didn’t play for that long tbh. Bonehead came out and played a few songs with him.

Haven’t been at a gig there in years and the set up could be better for beer and getting in


Whatever you do, get the fock out of Malahide immediately after the gig if you can as well. Taxis were non-existent, I went to collect someone last night to go back to Skerries and I was the most popular man there as figures were plucked out of thin air to make me cancel the pickup and bring others home.


This is why I never go out :slight_smile: