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That’s it, just couldn’t remember :grinning:


Call them sliders up here.


A sandwice


Think we used to get a block of ice cream and a slice between 2 wafers was a brick


How random :joy:, what made you ask that ?


Niece heading to Canada on j1, family barbecue, wafers for dessert and the question came up.


Now that you mention it we just called them wafers I think - no??


Ha ha ha , very good


Really - your ma would say (well my ma) - do you want a wafer!


Waer (n): ice cream sandwiched between two flat wafers

according to


think there is genuinely an ‘f’ missing there.

This is on Irish vocabulary on irish Celtic Jewels …

Wafer (n): ice cream sandwiched between two flat wafers


It was always mammy in our house and yes we would say wafer but I do vaguely recollect on the sunny day on the seafront in bray they would be sold from the front of a house with a sign up for brick or something to that effect anyway a simple flippant question has my head melting, in laws nothing but trouble


Yeah I think it was also called a brick - simple as that.

There was also ice cream one could purchase which involved a wafer biscuit of exquisite design which tapered from a round base to a point with the ice cream squiggled into the shape - and which would spill all over ones shirt if the pointed end leaked.

I think it was a cone?


Thanks for that Vin will probably end up doing exactly the same as you so. Cheers


Be aware the matches on TV in America are usually pay in at the door because the US rights holders charge them on a per head basis


Anyone know who does the graphic design work for Dublin GAA ? This was on the twitter a/c

This is superb


Seems to be new backgrounds on tabled information on the twitter too. All very good too - fair play! Presume there will be a similar player graphic for the footballers?? Hopefully.

Would it be @JJF :wink:


Fine piece of potatoe shop it must be said


Yeah, would love somebody to do stuff like that for our club. I dabble with ipiccy etc but never get results like that!


Think it might be these lads: