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The obvious synonyms are bankers and…


Make sure you have all communications copied and kept. Make sure you have followed through on all the standard avenues of complaint etc. Bring what you have to two or three law firms and ask them what they can do and what the projected outcome and cost is. Using that information, look up independent legal professionals and get their offer, then quote that to the others.



And cūntz?


No… it rhymes with bankers.






There’s a canker in the body politic, and the money-lenders.


Lads anybody know about tenders? Specifically for third level education tenders? Just saw a local college is looking for a tender/proposals from “suitably qualified companies and/or professionals for the planning, organisation and execution of a Peer Mentoring Programme” Cost is “100% (based on requirements outlined/Dept of Finance straight line model)…Please submit a full pricing document…”
Could be a novel way to get viable employment: Can get my head around most of that, besides the straight line model (quick google search didn’t return much). Importantly would have little knowledge of tenders, and what would make up a successful tender application/pricing document. So any words of wisdom/experience would be a great help…


Have they not got a tender document for you to fill out? Or if it is a government funded college is it not submitted via eTender?

There are a number of free templates worth looking at on the Government eTender website


Thanks @HawkEye , Yes there is a very simple tender document-input total cost for two projects. Will look more at the details on the links you sent. Very much applying to this on the fly, without a great amount of expertise/experience in tendering processes…


Lads any idea what’s the best pay as you go data sim to use abroad. Going to use it an iPad with Netflix keep kids happy at night etc cheers


I think Netflix has a function to download movies & kids series, means you don’t need connection etc when away.


I think we all know whats going on here … :wink:


Everywhere has wifi these days, just bring your packet of chromecasts with ya.


Lads…I’m going to be in Orlando for the Leinster Final…anyone know a boozer where I can be guaranteed to see the game if we get there??


If you’re staying on International Drive try the Lucky Leprechaun

Watched the Dublin - Donegal game there in 2011, was run by a Dublin fella back then, ended up drinking like an eejit for the day with a large group of Dubs and assorted Culchies


Jaysus @Vin I’d say that never happened before …


Anyone remember what an ice cream between two wafers was called in Dublin


an ice cream between two wafers