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Brown envelopes😃!


:joy:, own the site but need info on what else is involved . Not going to be actually building on it myself but looking to get the planning permission on the site & then sell the site !


Well yer going to need lots of brown envelopes so.


I dont think there will be that much hassle . Its in a rural location out west . Just looking into the early stages of the process .

Like how much would it cost to have plans drawn up by an architect .


15% of the build used to be the rule of thumb but you’d probably get a better deal now if you shopped around. You are probably aware but some Co Councils are not keen on blow-ins moving into their areas.


True but all my family is up there so i should have a few connections :wink:


Not sure if that’ll be enough. Last year, Donal Og wasn’t let build a house on the outskirts of Cloyne, a couple of km from where he grew up. The Co Council said he only had family ties to the immediate vicinity of his parents house in the town & no further.


Ah right , well just in the exploratory stages at the minute . Ill know more when i visit & put in the paperwork .


Sorry. Didn’t mean to come across as a negative Nelly.

Just give Ming a ding-a-ling, promise him all the votes from everyone in your family (especially the dead ones) and t’will all be grand. :wink:


Ah no , i understand it’s not strange forward & there will be hiccups along the way . Was just looking for advice as have not done this before.
Cheers :v:t2:


As far as I’m aware you need to be 1.5 km from the house you were born in to get planning permission to build. Not sure of the of the terms and conditions. But I know a few people from my area who were caught out by this.


all them shower born hundreds of kms from Dublin and come here and take our houses, pushing up the prices and then when we want to get out of this place we can’t build there …


Thing is , I’m not actually planning to build on it . But I get where you are coming from . It could be a fly in the ointment all right .


You might hit a problem with your plan to get permission and then sell it on. I know that in Fingal at one stage they were putting a condition into planning in certain areas that the house had to remain the main dwelling for the applicant for periods of up to 10 years once built. This was introduced specifically to stop what you are hoping to do. Not sure if this is still a thing even but might be worth your while checking before you spend big money on architects fees.


Yeah , ill be getting more information on this over the next couple of months .I need to see how these things play out in Roscommon . But i have contacts there so ill get all the advice possible before jumping in !
Cheers !


Can anyone recommend a decent bbq and where to get it? I want to get one before the sun is gone for the rest of the year. I don’t mind paying a bit extra for a good one that’s going to last. Cheers


Depends on how big you want but I seen this last week and I’m going to get one for myself. They are a great make and a serious price


Cheers for that Parish, the auld fella has one of those and he loves it, I’ll drop into Woodies today for a look


The old conundrum… if you wait until late Summer/early Autumn, you tend to get garden stuff cheaper. Maybe worth missing one summer (this one) for something you’d hope to have for many years, if you can get it cheaper later in the year.


A good brickie, a spot in the garden and a good grill …