Ask ResDubs


Have you considered getting one fully loaded ?


I would if you could point me in the right direction.


What exactly do you want from the box ?
Like , record , IPTV , etc .

You could email these guys & ask them if they could install what you want .


I ended up installing STB App emulator and it worked like a charm. Using it on a Fire TV. Very every impressive.


What channels have you on it , have you still got the IPTV sub ?


Did your wife get an email about this yesterday ?
I did.


Yeah. Phone is in my name so I got the email.


Still not sure what ill do .


yes! got every channel. quality very very good.


Just had a look at it there . Seems good , what’s the tv guide like .


Very Good I sent ya pm…


Had an interesting experience with pay as you go with vodafone. I let the Smart Extra offer run out just to see how’d i get on. To my horror if you use even 1kb of data they charge you €1.99 a day . And 1 cent for every extra mb you use over 100 mb .

Whats it like on the network you use or do you always top up the €20 . I know you talked before about them charging you mad money when you went over your extras.


I have all you can eat (aka unlimited) data with Three. I’m on a pay as you go plan. I top up by €20 every 27 days. 28 is the last day, before you go over the time frame, but I give myself an extra day, just to be on the safe side.

If I haven’t topped up by midnight on day 28, I start to be charged per mb & the rates skyrocket, from 1 minute past midnight on day 29. Whatever credit you have on your phone at the time, will be eaten up by a crazy high per day, per mb, usage charge.

When I forgot to top up on day 29, my phone ploughed thru over €40 quid of credit, without me even realising it. Most of it was app back ups & my gmail accounts syncing automatically. I wasn’t even using the bloody phone all that much.


Yeah , its a bit shit that . The top up is great value but they ride ya when your out of it . I’ve turned off my mobile data to see how long i can last .


Yeah. It’s a great deal, as long as you remember to top up in time. I probably have about 10 reminders in various calendars, PostIt notes & diaries. :roll_eyes:


They really pidgeon hole you into topping up . Which i suppose is in their best interests . But i remember years ago you were charged by the mb.Not a flat fee of €1.99 whether you use 1 or 100 MBS .


Well it said ask res dubs, by any chance does anyone have one of these lying around. They are old, its 65w PSU unit of an old Apple Cinema Display. I ordered one of ebay from China and the fecking thing is a dud. If anyone had one Ill pay the going rate for it. Long shot in the dark I know, we have more important things to be align about, like banana Beer, Clump and who framed roger rabbite, but I thought I;d ask! :slight_smile:


I do or did have one, will search about over the weekend, time permitting. If I find it, your welcome to it. Will get back to you either way.


Napper that would be awesome. Thanks a million.


Hey , need some info about applying for planning permission to build a house . What’s the best route to go . Let an architect look after it , etc .
Cheers .