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Try Snips Landscaping, Kieran is the head man. Did all the work in our place


Greg the botanical gardener


Lovely guy. Based in Skerries but a Lusk man originally. His brother runs the Country Gardens garden centre on the Skerries Rd.


Both Michael and Kieran are gents, Michael did some original work on our garden many moons ago a few years after we first moved to Lusk.


Are you out in Lusk long? Ever tempted to get involved with Towers?


14 years out here now, looked at transferring from Raheny back in 2012 to play for the 2nd team but Towers never sent my form to Raheny.

Little fella is 3 so looking to bring him to nursery next year and see where it goes from there.


Jayus , time flies !


So does he…


I stopped playing with Towers 2nd team in 2011, year I got married!
Our little girl is 4 now, but haven’t brought her over to academy yet. She has been to Croker though, to league finals in 16 and 17.


Is now in a full time semi state job I believe, but may be open to some evening work I’d imagine!


Is following U2 around now a semi state job ?


It probably is if you’re a tax inspector.


If you knew the botanical gardener and his U2 obsession…


:smile: :smile: :smile:


Random rants taking over more threads I see. Just as well puns are being deleted


Howdy ho campers, looking to get a Mag Box for the father in law as I have giving up on trying to teach him how to use an Android box. Want the Mag for an IPTV ‘service’. If anyone has this model can you tell me if the IR remote is responsive?

many thanks!


I have the same remote for my saorview box . Its terrible . If anything is in the way it won’t work .Literally have to aim it at the box for it to work.



They have this box coming out soon. Remote is meant to be decent. Given up trying to get emulators and Smart IPTV apps to work, they are all pretty shite.


That looks good !


Yeah looks good alright but I have to figure how to get one and get the stalker software onto it.