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Think so.

we had broadband in my mothers house from vodafone it was a disaster - old wiring and third party modern technology is not a good thing


Sky Q is €120 per box installation. I rang about it last week and since I have 4 boxes in the house it would cost me 480 to change. I think he said the cheapest they could have done it was 450, but sure feck that!


120 per box - ■■■■ that.

i know my brother got 3 boxes in and the subscription was cheaper so it would even itself out.
other boxes are plug and play how can they charge that.

also you can only watch BT sports on the main box only


Yea the subscription is way cheaper, around 6 euro per month, so it would even out after 7 years!


Rang and haggled. Got the higher package (2tb box plus 1 mini) for 60 (thats installation costs) and broadband for 40 for nine months. 50 for the last three. Feck it i took it. as soon as SIRO becomes a force in this country the better and EIr and their infrastructure can go ■■■■ themselves.

Ill get a new Route a 2tb box plus a mini. Peace in our time in JJF;s house. No more kardashion shite or open box freezing. Altogether TV variety + Multi Q room broad and phone = 92 banjeroes a month.


Or dodgy box for 10 a year! :slight_smile: or so I heard anyway…


To good to be true, I was driven demented with the one I had, updates and everyone complaining that it was either freezing or just not working. I suppose you pay for what ya get. If ya had a big lump of cash to buy a really good satellite box with built HD and a good os / skin it might be different. But feck i’ll roll with this for the 12 months.


Who are them?


Eir is them. They own the infrasture. Siro is the ESB


Ah, ok… Virgin have fibre-optic broadband, don’t they? Didn’t upc lay a fibre-optic system some years back?


Fibre Optic me rocks! I apparently have a fibre optic line now, but apparently the most my line can receive is 12MBS. And thats when its at its optimum. Sometimes I cant even look at youtube without buffering. Feel like Im back in the noughties
I have been with Sky, and no eircom and both the same. Both say its Eir, when I rang Eir they couldnt tell me anything because Im not a customer

Anyway, how did you haggle that for 60, I tried and he said he couldnt budge on the cost of installation!


Got put through to the Loyalty team. I am with them for over 12 years so just gave them the line that I was leaving for Vodafone blah blah.


I must be with them that long too, 10 anyway. Always wondered did they have a loyalty team! The fact that I’m currently paying 170 a month should mean they will want to keep me as a customer! I just remember ringing before and threatening to leave and the rep just says, fair enough and started the process. Had to tell her I changed my mind!


Ring and tell them the same. There is serious haggling to be had and done. They will want to keep you and in fairness they provide a good service and good customer service.


[quote=“Harper, post:126, topic:568”]
Sometimes I cant even look at youtube without buffering[/quote]

If you do it while drinking a hot drink it should help


My brother paid €149 for main box and 2nd one, then extra €99 for 3rd box. Monthly bill now €92 for everything, sports and movies (no wifi). Was paying €128 on old system. So added up for him.

Mate was quoted 120 for 2 boxes. Rang up to book was going to be charged 200.

You’ll get no discount for being a loyal customer. Threaten to leave and go ahead and cancel if you don’t like what they offer. They’ll soon come round.


Christ , does he have kids ? That was a hefty bill each month . Movies & sports to keep all happy I suppose . I canceled Sky last year , they hounded me for months afterwards to go back . Telling these companies you are leaving is the only way you will get a good deal as far as I can see . Worked for me with UPC in the past .
Sure Eir increaesed their package but the BT / ESPN package is part of their broadband now . I got a pain in my hoop watching it on a laptop so did a bit of research and found you can watch the sports channels through the Sky box which I had been using as a free to air box . All legal , so no TV bill each month but you would miss the handiness of Sky , I loved the setup .


Yeah he’s 4 kids and loaded. Works hard so fair fucks to him. Doesn’t pay for broadband as his job does.


Fair play :metal:


Yup totally agree. That’s what I’m paying is 92 all in. Once you threatened to leave they will put you through to ‘loyalty’. Pays to do it except with eir who are c@@ts