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Really appreciate the resource that is resdubs and the positive addition it brings to the journey of Dublin supporters. Many thanks to all who endeavour in the background on our behalf to run and maintain it.On a side note this is probably my only post that concurs with the majority, now back to being the minority, within the minority.


Strangely there’s not much of a peak in Sept. July and October are actually busier, believe it or not. Falls off a cliff in November - December.


Your appreciation is appreciated, but we really just keep the show on the road, people are here to the general conversation, so, you are all part of it.


That’s really weird.

Maybe there’s only 50 Dubs & 13,950 Mayo folk, who all disappear in September, as they don’t want to watch us gloat? :grinning:


Ah credit were its due Tayto. The mods do a fab job on this site. I love this site probably spend more time with you shower than I do the real world! :slight_smile: But like napper pointed out I’d be lost without this as supporter.


Thought about it yea, certainly getting enough traffic to generate a small income. It would changes the dynamic of the site through. Yiz would become demanding hoors.


When are we floating on the Stock Exchange?


Strange one alright, I guess the games are coming thick and fast in both codes through the league in March, plus the club finals.


I hate the fights. There was a vicious one tonight and I probably won’t sleep now. I’m not going to name those involved because we all get agitated from time to time but I’d say Harry’s Tiles and wasonthehill won’t sleep much tonight either. I never take sides in those matters but I always find if you support a certain team you are always right. Not saying more than that … the scallies. Lucky the internet is not real. @Tayto - well done sir - keep banging those figures :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: about. If Millward Brown and Red C can do it so can we.

I’m off to stay awake.




I slept fine thanks . I m sure Harry did too. If he was up night clutching his Liverpool teddy I ll send flowers and hot choclate around. You ok arry?


Cheers Napper, I’ll give that a go


Not a bother W

Fist bump?


Back at ya, I love a happy ending.


Ahhhh … that’s one of the best massages you’ll see all day …


You and unbelievable should make up now , it’s easy really.


Is that clique bait?

Great work, as ever, Tayto and all the lads now and before. Fantastic and unique resource.


As soon as the last gravy train makes it to the coast.


Anyone recommend a landscaper?

Looking for a big of work in the back garden.


I know a guy who works as such (and other things) for a major semi-state company. He uses his statutory sick day entitlement to do private landscaping/gardening jobs, cash-in-hand, no tax. Greedy b@stard.