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mine was 32 euro for the first month.


I assume they’ll pull it into line.


Try this when you’ve a few drinks:


A shot in the dark: lost my wedding ring down club tonight, messages sent out to club etc. But how/ is it possible to easily access a metal detector?


Got one from HSS before when sister in law lost her engagement ring in the garden.


Good to know, HSS hire


I noticed a bit of mold on the wall in the kitchen the other day. It was above a radiator so thought it was from the missus drying clothes on the rads but we haven’t had them on in a few weeks. Looked up to the ceiling and there’s mold there too. It’s right below the bathroom sink, I’ve checked underneath the sink it and no water leaking around there so I’m assuming there’s a leak from one of the pipes.

Any suggestions on how to go about fixing it or is it a plumber job?


Possible it might just be caused by splashes from sink or persons stepping out from shower/ bath onto floor.


There was a fair bit of mold which is why I’m thinking there’s a leak. I’m going to cover the sink for a few days to stop us using it so that should tell me if it’s the shower or not


The mould points to spilled water more so than a leak. You could loosely scrunch up some newspaper an put it underfloor around sink and area where damp is showing leave it there for couple of weeks, use bathroom as normal and then check newspaper for any sign


Will it be front page news?


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I know ye run the gig now but have ye any idea how many people were registered on the old site ? Has there been a big drop off since the new site was setup ? Was it @MrBlue who setup up the first one ?


Not sure how many were registered, the old site never cleared out the abandoned accounts, whereas this site clears out bot accounts. but I think in its heyday the old site definitely had more regular posters, before social media, there were a lot fewer options for talking rubbish about sport.

Mr White setup and ran the site for years. He was going to shut it down but MrBlue took it over, he had enough so we’re running it now. The change in format was not exactly planned but it was just to keep it going.

Still, the site is pulling in huge traffic, here’s the traffic for March 2018 compared to March 2017.


half a million page views in a month is astonishing really.


Jesus , it is ! Am I reading that right , 14,000 users ?


I say I made up a large chunk of this… I must cut the cord!


Serious stats, well done lad.


That’s google users, not registered users, so we have a huge number of people reading.
If anyone can think of ways to get more of them posting, i’d love to hear them.


Jesus. If that’s March, September’s stats must be amazing.


Yeah I was kinda thinking that .
Have ye guys still not considered advertising yet ?
Half a million views in a month , that’s got to be a selling point right there !