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Yeah today. €6 ish


Same. Should it not be €30 for the first month?


Automatically controlled manual transmission I think it’s called. Supposed to get rid of the problem of lower fuel mileage than standard automatics.


Cheers lads appreciate the comments looking at a Citroen grand Picasso 162. I took it for a test drive today and have to say it’s a lovely drive. Want to make sure it’s a good buy. On a different note there’s a year a bit left of the manufacturer warranty is there a way of extending it?


Not sure if Citroen extend warranty, but you can get a ‘map fire’ warranty off the sales team. Can I ask, what garage you’re buying from?

Just a hint to all car buyers. Don’t buy a car off a relatively new dealer, as most likely they are one of the ‘open under a new name, warranty ceases’ type of unscrupulous dealer! These are most prevalent but not limited to Naas road area.


Negotiate? Quicker repayment of the loan for example(if buying HP/lease to buy)? Tell them, you’re interested, but the warranty puts you off. Go back again and again, and after going through a plan to buy eventually say the same. Tell them you’re off to shop around. Don’t look too eager to buy, and so on. Take your time, make it look like you don’t really need it.


Cheers lads… got the best deal I could as in they gave me a decent offering on my own bus which has high mileage. Dealership is trustworthy they came with a personal recommendation from someone I would thrust. I haven’t decided to go with it yet though to be honest. I am still looking but I have to be realistic in what I can afford. Fir me above anything the Ncap rating is very important along with the other important things like warranty etc. trying to get them all is a pure bonus.


Don’t buy a Citroen. They are only for people who hate driving. Buy an AlfieFromMayo. I have a lovely little Alfie, close to 20 years old and drives like a dream. Sure, none of the electrics work. Sure, i’ve had to have him towed back from Wexford Park before. Sure, all the door handles are broken off, but the kids loves it when you go around the corners on two wheels and it roars like a hippo in heat.


Brilliant! Kids uncle bongos from res dubs says French cars like their food is shite. We are going Italian! :grin:


Post of the month!


Roars like a hippo in heat! Brilliant… That’s up there with Clarksons “Corners like a rabbit with blue tack on it’s paws!”


As Jonathan Woss might say something wadically wong here …

French cuisine beats the ould Fiat any day.


Each to their own Bigfoot! :grin: give me Italian any day and I’m not talking macaris or borza!


Borza is, like, Turkish?..


Tell that to them. Don’t forget to duck.


So think I’ll take the plunge and go fo the automatic. ticking all the boxes. Like everything its really a leap of faith, hope this works out for me. Will look at the extended warranty flagged by Rochey. Hope to ■■■■ that I have luck with this.


Done a little research online into your prospective purchase, no real stand out negatives and overall seems to be a good comfortable car, should make those trips to tip all the more enjoyable. The other real important factor for me, would be confidence in the dealer, I would let the sales lad know it’s him your dealing with and not the garage and it’s him you will be going back to, not the garage, if he is ok with that, all should be ok going forward. All the best of luck and safe and happy motoring to you and en familie.


Cheers napper, have done my ‘paralysis by analysis’ to death. There is no real issues on the C4 Grand Picasso VTR+. The sales person is very genuine and came recommended form someone who I trust. So hopefully all goes well! Thanks for replying and taking the time to do a little research on it!


welcome to my old world of the renault espace automatic.

edit - and also a megane


I thought it should of been. I presumed it was a pro-rated bill to sync up to their billing cycle.