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Now that I’ve ordered my size 16s for my mate Stallion I want to pick Resser brains on another matter - technology … alien to me. I got this Alexa thing for Xmas - nice bird and does most things you ask. She played any song I asked in recent times - then I got my credit card bill and there was a charge of E4 … surreptitious as fcuk - apparently for these tunes on the round thing in the corner, I’ll be fcuked if I’m giving Amazon E4 a month to hear bands that were playing long before Amazon’s founder wore long pants. Outline the cheats or shortcuts here please - ta.


I’ve no idea on the cheats, but that Alexa thing listens to conversations and suggests adverts based around the conversation you just had next time you open your laptop! A bit scary!


ah - that explains the Red Tube subscription suggestion.


… and be careful if you also have a parrot…


or noisy people over for drinks…


Have you received a bill yet?


Lads any thoughts on an automatic car? Yay or nay?


I’ve never driven one.


Drove the brother’s for about 2 weeks.
Lovely drive. Took a while to adapt to having no clutch.
Found it a bit high on fuel consumption & doesn’t overtake as efficiently as a manual as you have no lower gear to drop to.
He loved it, but found repair costs prohibitive compared to a manual.


Was that on newish car? Looking at 2016


Me and the wife drive automatics. At first I wasn’t taken by them but like them now. My car has had loads of problems and I’ll probably go back to manual when I trade it in.


Have both, automatic is bliss, never noticed any extra maintenance costs, but if there were, I would gladly pay for the pure driving comfort automatic provides.


I worked in a car dealership in the early 2000’s and we sold loads of autos, as has been said they tend to be a little heavier on juice, but are much easier to drive. The modern automatics tend to have a smoother gear change than the older style ones as well.

The missus changed from manual to an auto in November, she’s delighted with it so far, especially in traffic. Finds it much less stressful driving in the city center without the constant gear changing.


Yay. All the way.

I have owned 5. Never had any repair or maintenance costs over & above what you’d pay for a driving snobs car. If your entire transmission/clutch goes, you have to replace the entire thing, as opposed to the individual bits & bobs that you can get to & replace fairly easily (and cheaply) on a car with a manual gear box. That can be massively expensive alright, but what is the likelihood of the entire transmission going kaput?


I thought automatics were only for women.


REM beg to differ…


Mother in law bought one this year . Was having problems with her leg so to ease the pain she got one . Loves it .


Naturally. What you know about women would fit on the back of a postage stamp. :wink:


He bought it new in 2013 I think.

Should have said though he clocked up massive mileage. Far above what I would consider normal.


On my 2nd automatic now after 4 manuals, and haven’t noticed any increase in running costs etc. Apparently the 1st automatic was actually a manual gearbox with an automatic add on (or something along those lines!)Supposedly it’s cheaper to repair/replace if something goes wrong than a full automatic transmission!
I found it a bit slow to get moving off from a standing start (i.e. if you were trying to get across a main road etc). The current car is full automatic transmission and is a dream to drive! Mind you, it’s pretty much a weekend car, as I use public transport to and from work every day!