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Question for any Ballymun Ressers.

Reading Philly’s book & he refers to “the Monos”.

What or where are they ?


Stone monuments in the Mun


Near the towers ?


Used to be a hill on left just passed Seachtar Laoch (Irish School), they had stone monuments on top of hill…


A friend of mine has … ahem … rather big … feet. Anyone know anywhere that does really big sizes to cater for the man with that bit extra. Also where would I … I mean he … get size 13 or 14 football boots?


M&M direct. I know this as a lad I play football gets his size 15’s of it. So tell your ‘mate’ to look there.


Thanks @JJF … er I’ll tell him …

ps Don’t stand beside your mate in the shower …


Sportsdirect aswell^14



Cool @JJF - was in M&M there but they only have red, yellow, green, dark brown and orange - and one of them is peanut flavour.

Nah but really they only seem to go as far as 13?


No blue and navy? Selfish c@nts. Maybe they have stopped doing the canal barge size - sports direct is good anyway. Download the app as they always have good deals with free delivery. They definitely have the size yet after - I usually get my mere size 12’s of them.


I might check with Boots … I mean I might get my mate to check with Boots when he is next ordering the other things.


For all you creatures great and fat, I mean big boned.


Good shout there in Sportsdirect. If I order in from the UK (for my mate) would it be cheaper to have them flown in or to have someone row them over?


Row them over before brexit kicks in!


I’ve got them straight from the UK store when they have free delivery. Usually get a few pairs as in if you spend a certain amount it’s free delivery.


I’m not sure what size will fit so will prob just get one cheapie to start. If 14 is too small I fcukin give up. I only want them for gardening.


:grin::grin::grin: brilliant.


I might pull my long-standing post-pub stroke of ordering a delivery from the Chinese and then meeting your man outside and getting a lift home too …


Class :joy::joy::joy: