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I think I know what the problem is - you need more beer.


Installation going good now, had to change the BIOS order on the netbook. Had to google BIOS. fuckign windows.






Done and dusted. the difference in the OS, the chromium OS is very very slick, doesn’t have full access to the palystore but theres enough apps in Chrome to get ya started. Theres a 320gb HD on this netbook, its getting filled with movies for the Kids on holidays. Theres also a HDMI connection so it can be plugged in as MEDIA player. Result!


Has your number switched over? Any issues? Signed up today.


Yeah switched over on Wednesday. Took a few hours. No issues at all


Lads in Navan are great played ball with a few of them always gave my young fella the extra bit of attention on the opening days.


Right, chaps… Trying to organise a few days in Prague for the Mrs and meself. I’ve never been to Prague…

Any no-go areas with regards to areas and/or hotels? Any must-see or must-do things or attractions? What’s the best way to get from the airport into the city centre?

Thanks in anticipation.


Airport to city, loads of buses and shared shuttles are relatively cheap. Takes about 30 mins max unless arriving in rush hour.

Definite tip for something to do: Book tickets to the opera, ballet, and other musical stuff like a quartet in a restaurant off Wencelas Square, including a meal, that’s a great experience and not expensive, there’s so much of all that stuff on there it’s really cheap, and the venues are beautiful. Classical music in one of the really ancient churches is amazing.


Cheers @FiscalRectaltude… No rail link to the airport?


Not the time I was there, two years ago.


@Bosco you hear anything yet regarding ID mobile ?
I had another look at the last text & it says next payment is coming out April 30th & every month after that til phone is paid off .


Not heard anything , got a text or an email i’m not sure.
The balance outstanding for the handset is for the wife’s phone, would rather give it back to them than pay the balance on it.

will see how it goes , i cancelled the two direct debits so i’m sure they will send out a letter or somehting - we’ll see how it goes.


So I’ve managed to keep the gas heating boiler going with duck tape, some glue and and a few parts replacements over the last couple of years, but now the heat exchanger has leaked and shorted out the circuit board. It’s a 15 year old ferrolli boiler so not much point in trying to resurrect it at this stage!

Time for a new boiler, is there any of the gas suppliers doing any deals where you can change your boiler and pay the costs of it off over the life of your contract on the bill? Rather than splash out the 1,800/2,000 straight away!!! I could fit one myself and save a grand, but it’s against the law apparently these days!!!

Any hints out there?


Not great at this kind of thing @Rochey sorry - but can give one piece of solid advice. If you have Daniel O’Donnell around don’t let him near the fcuking thing.


I bought a gas boiler in Haldane Fisher in Newry about 5 years ago. It was £500 or £600. My uncle is gas registered so he disconnected and reconnected the gas and myself and the old man plumped it.

If you have a mate that is gas registered he/she could possibly do the same and save yourself a few euros.


Whatever’s uncle will sort you out Rochey!!

If not SSE are doing finance through flexi fi for boilers


Dodgy old boilers follow wee Daniel everywhere though.


Your old boiler could go on that tv sports’ show we all know and love so well and would say more of interest and sense than many of the guests and presenters.