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I don’t have a handset with them but I have been blowing through the gigabytes.


What can you buy with the store credit?


Headphones, cables, phone cases and phone credit.

All the stuff you don’t need


that an upfront payment @whatever or standard - 30 a month then a fiver


Standard month on month payment. 30 for month 1 & 5 for the next 12


Any ressers ever flash a ROM on an android phone?


Ohhhhh , I tried this before & it was a disaster . Nearly bricked the phone . And took me ages to find the firmware for the particular model .
I urge you to do alot of research on this & make sure you have all the correct software / firmware before you begin . If you don’t know what your doing I’d advise against .

Read this first

Proceed with caution !!!


Ok - I’ll leave it. Might try Moore street to see can they do it!


Please do because I spent an evening & most of the early hours trying to sort it , it was touch & go but I kept at it. And it’s not easy to find the proper firmware either .
I presume you want to delete all the bloatware on the phone , etc ?


Yes. Want to check out the pure stock version of Android One without the shite.


Did it before, many moons ago, with some seat of the pants work. It’s doable, but keep a straight head about you - no gargle.


Is it an operating system for Android , never heard of it ?


Ok better put the parlenbacher back in the fridge. :grinning: Only messing. I’ll try Moorse Street next week. I never ended getting the Mi A1 and my brother felt sorry for me and gave me a new Galaxy J7 Prime. Fine dual sim phone but I hate the samsung skin. I want pure stock.


Yeah look it up, its becoming the standard for all the Asian handsets. Anyway and going to try and install Chrome OS on an old netbook. I’m bored! :slight_smile:


I’ve been that soldier!


Thing is, the internet is a font of knowledge for this stuff. Short of blowing it up most mistakes are resucable.


Very true… but I like to drop in here and ask you guys! A very knowledgeable bunch of good skins! Going to put Chrome OS on to a four year netbook and breathe some life back into it. Youtube! Where would we be without it!


Stand Way Back.


Hmmm… fecking installer has failed twice, damn these fat fingers.