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Fair play to many of my employers over the years, they couldn’t wait to give me my P45.


Are they still all fighting on the hurling threads? I’m afraid to go near any of them. A poster could get seriously injured.


Nah yer grand, you won’t get any stick if you go there now.


Does anyone use any particular software or apps to draw up drills for training plans? If so what are they called?

Similar to what Colm Nally does produce?


I have left many jobs the same way that I began…

Fired with enthusiasm!



Bit like our hurlers under the nasty football dictatorship


Switched today back to Vodafone . Done in about 5 minutes . Went for the pay as you go as want to save abit of money waiting to see how this repayment of the phone is going to go .
Will stretch about 2 or 3 months out of the credit
Free Vodafone to Vodafone calls & texts
100 minutes any network
6GB data
€20 every 4 weeks

I’d forgotten how pathetic their app & online is with logging in :japanese_ogre:


Switched to Three myself today. €90 for 13 months unlimited usage. Can’t argue with that


Nice one :grin:


They are not allowed withhold it for any reason. Contact Revenue, they will issue her with a tax cert for her new employer and she will get the emergency tax back in her next payroll.


Cheers, that’s what she did and it’s all sorted, tempted to throw the locker key int he river now :grinning:


Do it. Don’t send it back to the fuckers at all


Don’t pollute.

Only messing, fire away.


how did you get that deal ?


€30 for month 1 & €5 for month 2 - 13. If you switch in CPW store you get €20 of store credit aswell.


I presume everyone has stopped their direct debits so I’ll be interested to see what happens here .


yeah i stopped my direct debits, we’ll see what happens so !


Didn’t have a phone from them. Stopped the DD anyway


It’s strange , like are they assuming people didn’t stop their DD . And how exactly were they going to calculate it ? I looked at my last bill & it did have a figure of how much I owed on the phone each month after tax . By the way , I’ve no problem paying for it . Just want some clarity on it .
Just checked & I can’t log in anymore so I don’t have a copy of my last bill :drooling_face: