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Liquidator will normally go after any assets which obviously includes money owed to the company.
It would depend if it’s financially worthwhile to do so.


they can have the phone back !


Don’t want to get into this in too much as contracts are so variable.

But some contracts are enforceable i.e. you would still have to pay out your contract even if you returned the phone.


Had a heap of issues regarding coverage in the house with vodafone regarding the mobile.

Went to com reg with them - in the end settled the bill when the debt collectors came after me.


I was with Vodafone for nearly 18 years and never had issues with coverage . So im not too worried about that as I only moved to id mobile in October from Vodafone.


Unfortunately a lot of people have to pay up. It’s the least bad option. Once debt collectors become involved your original debt can suddenly become much larger, county/district court fees, debt collectors own fees etc.

I fought a parking ticket I received April 2017.

The company dropped threats of court proceedings just recently.

So although it was nice to feel justified, I’m still wondering if I should just have paid the £40.00.

I spent so many hours fighting it. Nightmare.


Never had an issue previously , moved into a new house in a heavily populated area and little to no signal.

had a friend who was working on the networks and she had told me that they adjusted one of the masts - yet Vodafone were saying nothing had changed.
anyway they annoyed me so much i’d never go back to them


Mobile provider either Vofafone or Three. Father in law is with Tesco and he has never had a problem. Good value for money.


Anyone switch networks yet , what ye go for ?


Not yet. Will do it next week. More than likely will take up the eir offer.


Same. Eir’s customer service is getting slated but think that’s primarily to do with their TV/ broadband set up.


Just out if interest in regards to the data allowance . Do people really use like 5,10,15 GB a month ? Can’t say I’ve ever gotton close to using 1 GB .


I’d often end up getting a 2GB warning at some point near the end of a month but that could be down to watching Sky Go if out in the shops or wherever


Yeah I guess these allowances are aimed at people who do alot of streaming on their phones . Just surf the web myself .


Hoping someone can help me on this. The missus left a job a few weeks ago and started a new one straight away. The old job are now refusing to issue her with a P45 until she returns a locker key that they had given her. The old job is about an hour away and she hasn’t had the time to drop it back yet. Just wondering if it’s legal for them to withhold the P45? Would there be any point in ringing revenue to get them to cease the employment or does it need to come from the previous employer? She’s getting emergency taxed at the moment so she wants to get it sorted quickly


Would ya not register post the key?


Isn’t that against the law ??


I’d imagine that’s against the law


…what the mamma saw? It’s against the law!

Against the law maybe but I’m sure it won’t get resolved til she calls them and says she’ll drop the key in asap. Or will post it.


Against the law. Legal requirement that you receive a P45 regardless of any other issue.