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I went with McMahon and Nagle from Swords and they did a very good job, very clean and came back to do a few touch ups a week or 2 later. Got acoustic glass in the bedroom as I live near a road and it made a big difference.

They’re a bit more expensive than Munster but I’m glad I went with them


Is that to do with the noise going out or coming in?




Walked into that one anyway


Eir getting a hammering over their customer service.


Really ? I’m still thinking of going back to Vodafone before the deadline



I hate them. I made a complaint to COMREG after the fuckers made it a misery for me to leave (after they put up their prices during my contract). They looked for a four year old modem to be sent back to them. Horrible company to deal with. Horrible fuckers and they can spend as much as they want rebranding themselves they are still a horrible bunch to deal with.


Only had one issue with them when the house phone stopped working but they resolved that .


I’m with eir since the eircom days and have never had an issue with them at all. Faults fixed within good time etc…


A friend has had his service suspended due to an overdue bill for some services he never received. They seem a bit all over the place.


Would you consider yourself an eir head?


Letter in the door from id mobile .


Still make sure to cancel your DD with the bank just in case.


I did last week !


Good job, cause a DD is usually called for 14 days before it’s due so it could have been in progress before they went tits up.


…to arrange collection of future payments…

They have some neck, thinking people will keep paying them for handsets after they stop providing a service.

Gow an shyte


Well they did say we have a free bill for this month . So they have to restructure the repayment . They’ve broken the contract so I assume they have to draw up a new one for the repayment, maybe someone more in the know could provide details on how liquidators work .


Have the exact same issue, told them to take there kit out of the house. I’m on package for €95 pm all in, they increased prices, and last two bills have been €140.

Following excuses:

  1. Standard annual increase: Explained I was on fixed package for 24 mths.
  2. Said they combined my mobile: Explained mobile is with 3.
  3. Said it was due to Direct Debits missed: Explained I’ve never had DD set up with them.

I wouldn’t mind but apart from the odd time TV has frozen, I’ve had very little issue with them.


I’ve no problem paying for the phone as I would have if they hadn’t discontinued their service . But all this sounds sketchy with debt collectors getting involved.
The whole purpose of moving to them was to save money . Now I have to switch providers , pay them & also pay off the phone . Which is poxy .
And I believe these collectors don’t give a fawk about their reputation & if people like them or not . So I’ve no idea how my interaction with them will be . Can I discuss a repayment plan or will I be given an ultimatum on repayment. I’ve no experience with this so have no idea how this will play out.