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Get it every year too. The side effects aren’t great though, forces you to drink every night for the winter period, lasts at least 4 months…


Had it every year for the last 3 years. I haven’t had the horrible puking out both ends death flu since. Between the young fella and work I was getting a bad dose two or three times a year.


But did you get the flu …


Had to dip me tackle in bleach…is that normal for the flu? :wink:


Only for bird flu.


Right lads, have an assignment on the characteristics of an effective manager, said I’d do it on Jim Gavin, He’s been fairly effective :wink: if anyone can point me towards any articles speaking specifically about his managerial style etc. that’d be great help :+1:




Joxer, nay. I got it once, didn’t like it, haven’t had it since and very rarely get anything like flu, certainly no really bad ones. But if you’re prone anyway (careful Beeko!) maybe it would be good for you


Real men don’t get the flu jab!

ps Got mine last week …


Never got the flu in my 44 years on this green earth, no intention of getting the jab either.

Little known fact: There are several strains of the flu, the jab only inoculates you against the (in theory) most popular flu of that season… So you can get the jab, and still get the flu!


Same here,got it once,never again. Sick for 10 days after, and still caught the flu later on.Agree with @Rochey, it’s a jab against what every the flavour of the month is. Doesn’t matter what flu you get, we’ll still whine like aulwans and get no sympathy from the missus.


You want sympathy?

You try pushing a bowling ball out of yer fanny with no anasthetic & then we’ll have a nice little chat about sympathy ! :grinning:


I did nearly get fingers broken by the missus when she did it 3 times. And I was referring to us poor man flu sufferers. :grinning::grinning:


You’re lucky that’s all she broke. :wink:


Any idea what time the marathon route opens back up tomorrow afternoon? Particularly around Crumlin Road.


Anyone get that sky q? If so is it worth getting?


Brother got it , and a mate of mine also - they love it.

haven’t looked into it myself cost wise - one good thing is that the equipment is covered under sky Q - rather than having to pay for engineers to come out


Cheers Bosco. Sky is ringing me back today to see if I will go ahead. I have my broadband with them swell but am pissed of that I pay twenty euros for Broadband and 30 for a phone line that I never ever use to make calls. So will tell them i flecking of to Vodafone to see what they offer me on the broadband.


Think they are tied down with regards the broadband , the 30 euro for the phone line is what it is.
i got half price with the broadband off them - but its a poor enough standard.

Broadband with eir - was thinking about that - Eir sports wont be free with them for ever - 18 months only


Do Sky and Vodafone not use Eir’s infra-structure for broadband?