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If you are ok with a month by month plan, check out Three. I top up by €20 a month & I get unlimited data, with unlimited texts. You have to pay for calls, but I rarely use up a fiver every month, never mind the full 20 squids. I’ve been on it since November & I’ve over €60 in credit, so it’s there if I ever do need it it. It’s pay as you go though, not bill pay, so you won’t qualify for the freebie phone every 2 years.


I’d forgotten about that , the credit rolls over . Haven’t had pay as you go in ages but im switching to it . I’ll give it a goo , cheers !


Just make sure you top up on or before day 28 or 30 (forget which one it is) as their per day rates absolutely sky rocket if you don’t.


What does that involve ? Can you not let it run down like with your credit & then top up ?
What’s the story with Deezer ? I see after 3 months they add the sub to your bill ( subtract from credit )


Under their old system (that had a data usage cap) if you went past day 30, you were just charged a flat rate of 2 quid per day for data. Phone calls & texts (to non Three customers) were a bit pricier, but nothing outrageous. So it didn’t cost an arm & a leg, if you missed your top up deadline by a couple of days. I did a few times, but I barely noticed a dent in my balance, as it was always so healthy from monthly topup rollovers.

Their new “all you can eat” data plan is new since last year. I switched over to it, as I was on the old pay as you go plan that had a data cap. You have to top up every 30 days to keep your plan benefits. My niece switched too. She forgot to top up last month, as like me, it rarely mattered if she was late. However, on day 31 and day 32, she began to be charged per MB used.

Those rates are insane. She ploughed thru €24 credit one day & €20 on the other. She just happened to check her credit balance one day & saw it was missing a bunch of moolah. When she rang Three, they told her what happened. She wasn’t even doing anything wild, like downloading movies or playing You Tube videos. They told her that even if the phone isn’t being used, bog standard app updates will eat up a lot of data & you’ll be charged thru the nose for it. Naturally, none of that was mentioned when we changed plans in the shop. So we both now have big X’s on our calendars to remind us to top up in time.


Jesus , so even if you have credit but don’t top up on time , they charge you more, every day after .Am I reading that right ?


If you are topping up by €20 every 30 days, all your data is free. Your €20 credit is there for you to use for what ever you want…phone calls to non Three Customers, data roaming when you are up in Newry buying cheap booze etc etc

Once you hit day 31 & you have not topped up, your data usage stops being free. You are then charged per MB used & it’s taken out of whatever credit you have on your account. My niece had nearly €80 credit. She uses WhatsApp & Viber for all her calls, so she barely makes a dent in her balance each month. But she had €44 wiped out in just 2 days, by not topping up in time. All 80 quid would have been soon gone, if she didn’t catch it when she did.


Cheers , that’s good info to know !
Im just a little confused how they can charge you if your not on a direct debit .
I specifically asked about this in Vodafone & they just said your service stops til you top up .


Neither of us are on direct debit. We just get top up vouchers in newsagents. We top up our accounts like you would a Leap Card.


Cool , I’ll shut up now , thanks for the help :laughing:


Nae bother boss.


You should also set your phone to update apps using Wi-fi only.


This hombre speaks the truth. Turn of background refresh of on a iPhone - eats through the battery aswell.


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Looking at fitting new windows. Anyone have any recommendations on where to look? I know Fairco are decent but looking to get a few different quotes and who to avoid


Senator are good.


You’d give them your vote, would you?


you can save a fortune if you fit them yourself! It’s actually quite easy to do if you’re anyway decent with your lámha!


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when did the claqssic guinness glass become the tulip glass (which is now called a proper guiness glass)??