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I have Eir broadband too so could get a deal discount for a tenner a month , 1 GB data , unlimited texts & 100 minutes . Perfect for me as basically use none of that on my phone .


€55 per month was maybe what your were due to pay during the contract whilst paying off for the phone only they never reduced your bill once the contract expired even though you had paid for the phone.


Any plumbers out there? Got a blocked sink and tried every solution to unblock it. Afraid to start messing around with pipes etc in case I do permanent damage. PM me if you can help me out.


You take off the u bend on the sink ?


Not yet - is that usually where the blockage is?


Had an issue with this a while ago . It backed up the drain hose for the washing machine too . If it’s just a blockage in the sink you might get away with a bottle of that draino stuff in DIY stores . But if it’s bad you might have to get someone out . We had a major blockage & they had to unblock the pipes going out to the back garden where the man hole was .


Could be. Easiest option to check first anyway.

Try get water out of the sink some how and then open it up. Give it a rinse out with the hose of there is shit blocked in it.


Tried numerous draino stuff and it didn’t really work. I guess I’ll try take of the u-bend first and see if the blockage is there. Hopefully won’t need a plumber.


Mine was blocked a week or two ago, took as much out of the sink and took the u bend off, full of grease, easy enough, but not pleasant to clear and easy to hook up again, and I’m BRUTAL at diy stuff. If you have used drain cleaner stuff make sure you wear gloves as that stuff will burn the hands off you


We’ll have cancelled the direct debit for ID Mobile just in case they try & get the rest of the handset payment . Will wait to see how this repayment plays out .


I’m usually very frugal with the internet, one of those free -wifi wankers.

I’ll fill my boots until early April.


Yeah , I took @whatever advice & will hold off til around the 4th or 5th April . I’ll just wait & see what offers pop up between now & then .


I am going to start the switching process during the last week of March. I want to make sure I keep my number. If your switch rolls past the 6th April there is a possibility you may lose it.

Between now and then I will see what offers are out there for ID customer looking to port in.

If you take up the Eir offer of €15 a month in a CPW there is €20 of store credit included


Yeah that sounds better timing .


Do you think that offer will stand until the 6th ?


I was told it was valid until 6th April. It better be as that is what I am going on.


Details on CPW website


Ah I see the increase here after 12 months

15 discount is applied for 12 months. eir fixed customers can add Unlimited calls, texts and 15GB data SIMO plan for only €10 a month for 12 months, €25 thereafter. Non-eir fixed customers can sign up to the same SIMO plan for only €15 per month for 12 months, €30 thereafter.

Eircom is in the wife’s name so I presume there will be some rigmarole about that .

Suppose could cancel after 12 months , might be better deals then .


Id mobile twitter now gone…


I popped into Vodafone . They have a sim only plan where you top up €20 every 4 weeks . 1 GB data , unlimited texts & texts . It’s a 30 day contract . Suits me fine as I’m getting tired of having the bill . And I’d say I literally could get by without a week or a month topping up as I use Viber alot & rarely call anyone . That deal with Eir (€15) goes up to €30 after 12 months so I’m not sure about it .