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Cheers whatever.

Got the email. Was a good cheap deal.


Anyone have any joy unlocking their phones through the link on the ID website , not having any joy here .


I was sim only.

Pain in the hole looking for a new provider. At least we get a free month out of it, download the internet.


Aren’t iD Carphone warehouse? Are they gone now?


Think it’s just the mobile part .
Anyone any suggestions for someone else , I see this been advertised .


Might go with that.


I’m just wondering is €15 for a set time & then goes up


Are you rehearsing your kerb crawling speech? :wink:


Possibly. Messenger your man.


It’s €15 for 12 months. The first image says it and I have a mate working in CPW. Offer available until 6th April.

I was going to switch to it today but was told by my mate to relax and use ID for the month for free.


Have to say , guy I spoke to was sound . Not a company man that’s for sure . I think the employees are given a discount on i d and as I said , he told me not to pay off the phone . So he’s probably waiting himself to see how the liquidation goes .


I did look on Eir website & it’s the same deal but doesn’t mention anything about it going up after 12 months , their other deals do go up though


Coincidently I was in cpw at the weekend, I have Vodafone bill pay for a very long time (over 10yrs) was sorting out young lads phone when the discussion moved to mine. She was able to bring up my bill which was €85 yo yos and I have no contract with them. She recommended that €15 offer it’s for 6 months but it’s not a contract so you can change whenever to the next best offer when it suits you. They also had another good offer which I preferred which was free calls & texts and 30gb @ €25 per month. I haven’t switched yet but intend to this week.


Will customers of iD Mobile be able to view bills from February or March 2018 in MyiD?

A bill for February 2018 is available by logging on to MyiD at Payment will not be taken for this bill at the end of March because service is being provided free of charge until 06-04-18. iD Mobile will not generate bills for its customers for March 2018 because service is being provided free of charge until 06-04-18.

That seems a bit odd for a company going into liquidation, I assume they should be going after every penny?


Yeah , I’m liking this 30 day rolling contract option . I’m just wondering how you go about moving from that , like at the end of the month do you tell them you want to switch ?


That seems to be the case, though I haven’t tried it out yet, my concern would be the quality of the network compared to Vodafone and the speed of the mobile data, is it 4g.


Out of interest , what were you getting for €85 a month . Thats crazy high .


I was getting very little for €85. free calls and texts 100 international mins and 5gb of data for €55 If I went over on the data the bill would rise. Payed by direct debit never really noticed I was being charged more for the extra data or that I was even using it.


Yeah it sounds like what I was paying about 8 years ago . Brutal altogether & the plans weren’t great either back then .


That eir data is 4g too, all seems on the surface very good.