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Possibly low water or no gas


Have a repair guy coming tonight hopefully it’s nothing to serious.


Was late seeing your post unfortunately, I presume it’s something miner and weather related. Let us know the outcome :+1:


All sorted - air block. Thank fook.


Great stuff, well done.


Cheers napper!


Small drip leak from the grey/white connection to the pipe. Anyone know if there a specific knack to tightening this?

Trying to just push the pipe further in to the grey connection didn’t work.


Never seen one of those lads before.

if you move the connection down and pop PTFE on the pipe you might get away with it.

Best bet would be to isolate the supply and replace it


It’s a push fit connection pop the copper pipe out, make sure the end of the copper pipe is clean flush a little water through the plastic fitting. Reconnect and if that doesn’t fix it replace. Any confusion, just ask :+1:


ID Mobile gone bust. Any customers have 30 days to move company.


Ah ffs :sweat: . I’m still paying off a phone . So I now have to switch networks , pay them & pay another service provider ?


mmmh - yeah i use them and was waiting to for the S9 to come out.

ah well off to β€˜3’ so


Looks that way. This is from their FAQ on

What happens if customers have recently purchased a handset (phone) from iD Mobile?
Customers who have paid in full for their handset will not be required to pay any further balances to iD Mobile.
iD Mobile customers that have an outstanding balance on an equipment contract for a phone or mobile broadband device should note that the contract is not affected and therefore they will need to continue to make payments until this outstanding balance is cleared. iD Mobile customers will no longer be charged for mobile services but the Provisional Liquidator will contact relevant iD Mobile customers to advise of an alternative means of payment under the continuing equipment contracts.

How do customers of iD Mobile unlock their iD phone so that they can switch networks?
iD Mobile customers that have a phone from iD Mobile that was bought before May 2016, the phone is likely to be locked for use on the iD Mobile network. Please go to to retrieve the unlock code.

iD Mobile customers that have a phone from iD Mobile that was bought after May 2016 the phone is not likely to be locked and should be able to be used with a SIM card from an alternative network provider.

If the phone was not bought from iD Mobile no action is required to use the phone with an alternative network provider.

Handy tip: To find out if your phone is unlocked pop a SIM card in from another network (ask a friend) and see if you get a network signal on the top of your phone.


yeah they were clever in a way separating the two contracts - means they could increase their prices and if you didnt like it - you could break your contract and leave , but would have to stump up the balance of your phone.

Be nice to get a text off them to inform their customers


I’ll get onto carphone warehouse & try & get more details . Knew this was too good to be true , their plan was excellent.


I got an email from them.


What was in it ? Just the terms & conditions ?


nothing from them


I just rang them . Yer man said they are doing a deal with Eir , sounds good . Said hold off paying off the phone because if they go into liquidation comreg might get involved & you might not have to pay