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Cheers. lookslike I will get in a good few games:slight_smile:


Was looking at one of these myself. Presume you need Spotify for music?


Or Tidal or Deezer. Tidal is dearer but better quality. I don’t know much about Deezer. For speakers like that Spotify is perfect. €10 a month - the free subscription is full of annoying ads and you can’t choose which tracks to play. Also the quality is lower.


Howdy Folks, booked the family holiday to a campsite in Rome. First time flying with the kids and kind of bricking it. Anyone ever do a similar holiday in Rome etc? Any tips or suggestions to pass on? cheers


When in Rome…


Went to Rome in September a few days after the AI final :sunglasses:, check out the holiday thread , I posted loads there !

About 13 posts in !
Just me & the wife , no kids but a lots of stuff to see .Amazing place .


Top man! I see @DUB09 was there swell and he has about 13 kids so I’ll pick his brains aswell. Brilliant stuff Unbelievable! Im a wee bit nervous getting on the plane with the three kids and going to a place no english speaking. I was actually in Rome about 12 years ago. Its amazing but it was just me and Mrs. JJF and for only 4 nights.


I had two incidents where they weren’t too happy with me speaking English . One was in a hardware shop trying to get a plug adapter . Guy had ■■■■ all English himself but I actually think he thought I was English & was very gruff to me .I couldn’t get out of the place quick enough tbh , he was very rude .
Second was in a restaurant one time , , just ordering a meal & the waiter , who was actually sound , wouldn’t take my order til I got the pronunciation right :laughing:. They’re a strange breed .
Get a phrase book & try & pick up some everyday words . They appreciate that . Especially ordering the food . The guides all usually speak English so you will be grand there .
What issues do you think you’ll have with the kids ?


Ah none in particular, just nervous travelling thats all. I’ll certainly try and learn some of the language. We where amazed at how family friendly orientated they where in Restaurants. I suppose its a case of packing out the days and seeing as much as we can. We got a great deal on it compared to a camp in the UK. So pretty much looking forward to it.


Yeah , the restaurants are great . God , the food is amazing . I was on the gelato every day for lunch for about a week :laughing:.


The kids will have a great time at interactive visitor places like the Colisseum.
As for the flights just look for support if you need it, most flight staff are very helpful and understanding of people with kids. It’s not a long flight but make sure they have their entertainment with them, including for that period when you have to switch devices off. Though if they’re old enough they should be very occupied with the whole process on the plane especially take-off and landing…
Warn them about the ears popping, bring sugar-lumps or whatever it is that’s supposed to help with that.

Might get some nice views of the Alps and the Med too!
As for he language, make any sort of effort and hey will love you for it. And the Italians adore all kids so that will help alot too. Kids are involved in everything there, family is everything.
Remember Rome has millions of visitors a year, they are more used to it than anywhere


Greet the locals with “Va fan culo”. (a bit like dia dhuit as gaelge)
That will be appreciated.


Cheers @Unbelievable @25AliveOh @Snowcat really appreciate it! Can’t wait!




Rome is of the Gods …, and for the Gods … amazing … more anon you lucky lucky man


Loved Rome. Lots and lots to do, if your spending a good bit of time plan all the different places out and spend loads of time in each. Avoid the restaurants and cafes in around the places as they are way over priced and you can find much cheaper, better places around the corner from them


Oul dears Gas boiler is turning on and them off. Before I call out a Repair Man to look at it, could it be low water pressure or an airlock?


how old is the boiler - if its cutting out it should give an error code


Its about 5 years old. It’s a basic boiler with no digital display to give a error code.


That’s a bit harsh on JJF’s ma…