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I didnt want to say anything :joy:




i’ll try the washer solution, seems the easiest way.

its for one of the work toilets (i also do the IT, and various DIY jobs here).

my usual method of working on plumbing jobs is to have a go all full of good intent, find it it slightly too much work, then forget about it for six months. This toilet job has been ongoing for about two years.


Imagine the satisfaction you’ll have once the job is completed, you’ll be a hero . Not everyone wears capes !!


your getting paid for this and your looking for help - i’ll take it back - washer will make it worser !


If you are using the plumbers tape, make sure you wind it in the same direction as the nut screws on, that should keep it from getting chewed up when you tighten the nut.

There are loads of videos on youtube showing how to do these repairs


i’m not, im just halping out so we dont all need to use the same jacks.


missed opportunity to introduce gender fluid jacks down in tipp.


They are unijacks!

Speaking of which, I am wondering how someone who is transitioning will feel when using a jacks which only student men have been using. I’ll swy that wouldn’t be the sort of gender fluid they will be expecting.


Well lads, after all that, can we say the jacks are back?


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The jacks are back
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Should have said “Have the WC lads gone barmy?”


Lads any advice on registering a business name. Got a free lance gig with a local authority but will only deal with me if I have a business name. I’ll be still doing my paye gig. Any advice is appreciated!


JJF trading as


I like it!


Don’t know what you want to spend but I have a Sony SRS speaker in the kitchen and for about €200 it’s decent as long as you don’t turn it up too much. I also have a Ruark R2 radio and Spotify streamer and the sound is excellent…but it’s €499! HiFi hut sell them off the Nass Rd.


The plastic thread on the ball valve can easily be cross threaded or sometimes the nut just wont make the right seal Best solution going forward is a 1/2 flexi with service valve on it. The rubber washer is fitted inside the nut , doesn’t need to be tightened too hard and you then have an isolation valve to turn off if you ever have to work on toilet again.


Just purchased this yesterday. Cant really go wrong for the price.


Any way of knowing what the Dubs football fixture dates will be during the summer, trying to plan my yearly trip to clash with as much as possible:)


Think this them all

26/27 May Leinster football championship
Offaly/Wicklow v Dublin

10 June Leinster football championship
Offaly/Wicklow/Dublin v Longford/Meath

24 June 4pm Leinster Football Final

Super 8’s
14/15 July All-Ireland Senior Football Quarter Finals Phase 1
21/22 July All-Ireland Senior Football Quarter Finals Phase 2
4/5/6 August All-Ireland Senior Football Quarter Finals Phase 3 (Group 1 & 2)

Semi Finals
11 August All-Ireland Senior Football Semi-Final
12 August All-Ireland Senior Football Semi-Final

2 September All-Ireland Senior Football Final