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plumbing question - i have put a new flow system into a toilet cistern, everything all good and the nuts are tightened to the last, but there is still a tiny amount of water coming out. someone suggested plumbers tape on the screw thread, how does this work? I have tried before but it always gets pushed off by the nut?


A syphon , one of these ?

Get some silicone if the tape isn’t working . Is the nut threaded properly ?


no, its the ballcock, arm, valve thingy. the leak is where the outside pipe fits into the valve. cant tighten it any further.

i havent used the tape yet, just that my past experainces with it seemed to have never worked and am wondering if i dont know the knack in how to apply it…


Where is the water coming out of?


Just apply it evenly , I’m not of the belief that it prevents leaks . It sounds like the nut might not be tightened properly on the thread . Silicone will keep out the leaks .



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where the pipe conencts to the thread at the entry to the cistern


The water feed into the cistern? Was it leaking before you fitted the new cistern? Really need to see the leaking component to advise further. Sorry, I’m no help at all!

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This ?


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you missing a washer in there ?


If it’s leaking the pipe might be slightly off the thread . If you can turn off the water do that , to avoid destroying yourself . Then I’d unscrew that & make sure it’s threading properly . If it is it shouldn’t be leaking . Just wrap the tape around the thread evenily , maybe two or three wraps of the tape .


Washer missing or you cross threaded it maybe


i’d turn off the water , try get a service valve in there and if you cant no harm , but replace the washer and you should be good


Was no washer in mine when I did it a couple of weeks ago , no leaks . But sure a washer can only help .


never too late to pop one in .


Any rubber washer from hardware will do, some hardwares do a convenient pack of assorted washers always handy to have.


If you look real close, I think it is slightly cross - threaded.


That’s mine :joy:, my uncle in law did that , my job was perfectly threaded on another toilet :sunglasses: