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Any one ever buy a car of these lads?


I’ll PM you now


No, but my brother has. A couple of times. It’s the crowd in Smithfield, or near to it, right?

I didn’t wind up buying there, but de brudder seemed happy enough with them.


Anyone know whats the crack with cancelling flights less than a month out for UK? With Aer Lingus.


I’d imagine you lose whatever you paid if you both an economy ticket. I can’t think of one airline who acts differently these days. You could try changing the names on the flights and see if you can pass/sell them on - I dunno.

You’ve seen sense and decided not to go to Manchester?


Any change incurs a fee. Especially for curs


Anybody any idea if you bring more than two bottles of wine into Canada as a non-citizen (the limit is two), and if you declare it, what will it cost you for one extra bottle? And if you don’t declare it…?

Need to know this in the next two hours!


This might help, seems allowed 1.5 litres of wine then a 7% duty applies on excess.


Cheers! (:flushed:), the info was so complicated I couldn’t see anything specific for non-Americans for what you pay on the excess. Though I did notice that they say you pay duty on the total volume, not just the excess. Then something about them supposed to choose the least expensive stuff to calculate the duty on, whatever that meant…?


You on an Airplane Al.


A friend was going there and neither of us could decipher the morse code that is Canadian Customs customs.


Must have been some wine for all that comotion.


They were bottles with a label that had her family name on what she had got on a trip to NZ, where she was when heading to Canada.
Next Q?


Red or white ?


Rose. And she is NOT drinking F*CKING MERLOT!!!


Merlot not agree with your good lady?


It’s just a funny quote from a brilliant movie, Sideways.

Have to say I’m not a massive Merlot fan, leaves an odd aftertaste.


Looking at getting a decent Bluetooth speaker for the kitchen, preferably with radio but not a must. I was looking at the Bose Soundtouch series, good sound but they’re pricey enough. Would anyone have any recommendations?


Bose are your only man - mate has one and its miles better than what i have.
I have creative speaker which is ok , no great sound out of it


Have you considered Sonos? Probably loads of types of the same thing now, it’s like spotify but it is also a speaker system, a smart one, and has great sound quality