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DOnt need the third row as a requirement but they come in handy going to matches or going away of the extra boot space. Plus it’s extra storage for mrs jjf so she can throw more of her shit in to it.


Just buy a little Audi TT and let them walk


The car would rather self-combust than enter Meath?


It was well and truly in meath at that stage!


Love the Skoda. Had an Octavia up until 2 years ago that just kept on going. Never put a penny into it apart from annual servicing. Great car. Re-sale is brutal though. Think I got 2K for it. Driving a Superb style at the moment and I love it. Cracking looking car and spacious, and all the extras are class. Next move was going to be to a Kodiak but the new Karoq looks like another cracker of a car so might be leaning towards that. Not for another year and a half though


Agree, love the look of the Karoq, but I need the 7 seater.


Balls, I thought it was a 7 seater. OK, Mind changed again, Kodiak it is!


whats yer thoughts on Kia carens? Lovely motor but fierce expensive fir a 2/3 year old?


I don’t like the Kia personally, have done some work on a couple for a few work friends of mine (God bless you work, as opposed to getting paid for it!) and when I was driving them, it just felt all a bit Nissan of the 90’s. Very plastic etc. That said, I’ve heard no complaints about them reliability, economy wise. Seem to be a decent purchase. Just not my cupán tae!


If it doesn’t need to be a Severn Seater, and six will do, then a Honda FRV might be worth looking at. They don’t make them anymore, but I have one, and wouldn’t part with it for the world. Fits six easy, decent boot, drives/handles like a car, economical, and has good-even-for-Honda reliability. I came from a Trajet, and the difference was day and night.


Is it an amphibious vehicle?


Buy in the UK and bring it back, even after travel/VRT Pints and a groundball match you save a fair few quid.

2015 for £11k stg (€12,800 ish) VRT €3,700 ish = €16.5k plus travel say €17k Versus €20.5k at home…

(all calculations carried out on the back of an envelope, I dont know what a tracker mortgage is etc.)


I went to Bristol once…needed a bath after it


Cheers, the problem is that I am getting Finance rather than a loan as such. Though the father in law will be doing that next month.


Diesels are getting a really bad rep over there for pollution/smog/smoke, some good bargains to be had if you can wangle it.


Were you ship shape and Bristol fashion afterwards?


Sometimes it was all you could get and you’d be happy with it.


I was but only after the first officer gave me a severn dressing down… :flushed:


Yeah thats right, over here not so bad it seems but Leo the Great says no diesel or petrol cars to be sold after 2030 so Ill get it a bargain now.


In a car or a von?