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Nissan Pulsar, does what Kia and Hyundai equivalents do but a bit cheaper coz Nissan a bit less cool atm. But really you should look at a Nissan Leaf electric. Takes a bit of getting your head around with the less mileage before having to ‘refill’ but ultimately good savings in the midterm and beyond and a very reliable car. Look for something around 2013-2015 with 95% battery. Mileage on clock doesn’t matter.


Lovely cars though mrs. jjf woukd go ape shit if I brought home a leaf this is s woman who thinks the recycling waste that’s left at the back door by her magically makes its way Into the recycling bin by itself.


Plus not that suited to a burgeoning family!


And that aswell all my kids are lanky and they kill each as it is in the grand scenic. Looking at the kodiaq after you mentioned it a fine bus but a big pile cash.


Big big pile! That’s why I’m hoping to hold off for a year or 2 and then bring one in from across the water if Sterling is still at a good rate.


Still I do love skoda, bought a brand new Octavia in 2005, everyone I knew done a roger moore eyebrow raise when I bought it, skoda?.. lovely car only mistake is that I hung onto it 3 years to long.

Found this article online regarding diesel… interesting reading.



That would be my thought on diesels too, doesn’t take much to reduce Nox emissions, just software updates. The VW thing just highlighted a cheat that they figured they could get away with.


Yeah wel I am back to looking now at diesel and am going to abandon the DACIA, grand car but as ugly as fu8k.

Going to try and get 2015/16. Has to be a 7 seater compact MPV. Staying away from French, the fuckers have broken me.

  1. Ford Grand C-MAX
  2. Toyota Corolla Verso
  3. Opel Zafira


Ah bless.

I once had a grand espasce automatic. Amazing car apart from when things went wrong, including a fault with the automatic system that was just too expensive to fix. Also petrol prices started to climb and it was the 2l petrol which really needed to be permanently connected to the pump.

It was up for sale for literally years. I think people would come to snigger at me rather than buy the car. I got it second hand but it was still costly. In the end I managed to sell off as much of it as I could Andy have it taken to the scrapyard. I felt bad as I saw the crane grab it and Smash it repeatedly against a wall.

That said, my previous car was a senic with the two sunroofs and it was a great car but most of my Renault’s ended up costing me serious money when things went kaput.


All style and ■■■■ all substance them Renaults.


For some reason, that post reminds me of the movie the moneypit .


Great film! But yes renault car with the 1.6 Dci K9k engine are durt in JJFs world they dirty money pits.


I have an automatic opel zafira - lovely car but things have started to go wrong recently and has cost me a small packet over the last 2 years to fix


Opel Zafiras have a dodgy record of catching fire. Granted, it’s probably most unlikely to happen but if it is to happen to a car, it’s more likely to be a Zafira.

If your sprogs are lanky (as you say) the rear two seats in a Toyota Corolla Verso have feck all legroom. Aslo, when used is position as seats, there is next to zero boot space. Are Toyota still doing a Verso version of the Avensis?


My car has been recalled twice to fix issues with the heating system. No fires yet thankfully!


Matt Cooper had a 15 minute segment on the radio yesterday with his motoring expert Michael Sheridan. It was all about Family sized cars and included several recommendations. Might be worth your while having a look at the Today FM podcasts and listening to it.


A Toyota Prius+ an option or do you need the 3rd row of seats?

Actually it does have a 3rd row of seats but they are pricey


I had a VW touran for 4 years, found it very comfortable, solid on the road and never gave any trouble. Only traded up because someone wanted a “newer” Reg and something different,


CHEERS all! I was looking at a 2016 zafira 2.0 diesel or a 1.6 Grand C Max. Toyota ruled out to small to expensive. I thought the zafira was in pre 2012 models, have actually witnessed one on fire on the M3. Vw touran is top notch but expensive would love one.