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Ta … but do they sell boots? I think I know the place - near the Four Courts



Yeah pretty sure


Thanks lads - I should be back in the water in no time!


So… Is it twue what they say about you people? The way you are… Gifted?


Good man! No urinating in the deep end!


Not since the accident, no …

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Good man! No urinating in the deep end

Not since the accident, no …


Rochey, you teutonic titwillow!


Howeya tis lads. Got four new tires back in March / April and noticed one of them has a big ‘lump’ out of the passenger front tire. Its like someone stuck a spoon into jelly and took a lump outta off it. I don’t know who it happened, could of done it parking against a kerb, is it safe to drive on it and would I have grounds to go back with it? Theres no wires or any bulging, more cosmetic than anything.



It would fail an NCT because of it, so it is deemed not safe, I have never seen one cause a blow out though and yes, it is caused by catching kerbs or potholes. There is no way you’d get any joy by going back to the supplier. It’s driver error I’m afraid!


balls. Brand new HiFly tires, think it might have been your good self rochey I asked before about them. If they are ok to drive on Ill leave it. Can they be repaired?


No repairing them buddy, My missus tore the side wall out of a brand new tyre on my yoke Sunday 2 weeks ago dropping me to Croker. Was only on the car 50 miles!!! Some pr1ck came up Richmond road on the wrong side forcing her into the path, she had the kids in the car so no risk taking on her behalf…

Anyhwoooo, such is the joys of motoring!


I’d say by the next time she saw ya you had spent 4 new tyres worth …


Any of ye use the coast road (from Dollymount to Clontarf) to head towards East Wall & the East Link in the mornings? How are you getting on, now that the stretch between Dollymount and Mt Prospect Ave is closed for roadworks? There are a few alternate routes, but I want the one that has the least traffic. The Mt Vernon Ave diversion was a bitch on Monday.


You know what, you’re not too far off the mark! Because I’m worth it!


Did you know: that WB Yeats was a member of Golden Dawn? Fascist ■■■■■■■.



“It’s complicated”. Just look up the lifestories of TS Elliot, Edgar Allen Poe, Richard Wagner, amongst others.

Interesting anniversary recently in London’s East End, for the people who fought in protest against Oswald Moseley’s Blackshirts in the 1930s.


Flu jab - yay or nay?


I get it every year. Have gotten it since I got a bad flu a few years ago.


Get it every year in work.