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Was in Leeds many moons ago , kip . Sign of the times was a train conductor asking us did we have passports when he heard the accents . Real anti Irish sentiment back then. Game was great though , the Tony Yeboah cracker against Liverpool :blush:


Anybody looking to buy a ticket to Morrissey’s gig next Tuesday?


If I want to feel miserable, I’ll buy an Elvery’s Jersey.


Elvis was cool.


Anyone recommend a good site for downloading a movie that I don’t want to pay for?? Rarbg doesn’t have the movie I’m looking for…


What movie ya looking for , I’ve loads of suggestions.


KAT. Are still going.


Can’t find a valid address for them… They were my port of call usually!



nope… Thanks Unbelievable. Movie I’m looking for is not on there. KAT used to be the dogs nuts, but can’t find the working link these days!


I have another , what’s the film or do you not want to post it here ?


God forgive me…

It’s “89 the film” about the 1989 end to the league in England. I have an in law relative involved in the movie, and as an “Arsenal bloke”, it has 2 interests for me!


Ah right !
It’s odd because it was released in November so should be well up online at this stage . Surprised it hasn’t been uploaded . It’s on iTunes but you don’t want to buy it .


Pirate Bay might be worth a look but just make sure that your anti virus is working as some of the proxies will have malware in them


I’m presuming your not blocked from that , cheers eircom :unamused:


I am with Eir.


Use a vpn


I’ve checked 3 different sites , no joy . Probably a good indicator it’s not uploaded , not even on YouTube . So unfortunately may have to go the payment route .I’d be interested in seeing it myself so if anyone can check pirate bay ,kat, cheers :+1:


I can say in all honesty that was one of the worst nights of my life…
and I’ve seen Robbie Williams live.


Watched it in the UCD students union bar while I was supposed to be studying for my repeat science exams