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Mods…! This is blatant anti-northern discrimination if ever there was one.

I’ll drop the law suit if you visit B’Gawley Motors. Low Low prices.


A lot of the second hand cars up here are ex-fleet / rental cars from England.

You can tell from their license plates.

The place you’re on about is the Boucher Road…there are a few other dealerships there as well.

(Assuming you aren’t passing Low Low Motors in Ballygawley that is)


Yep - there’s a rake of huge dealers on the Boucher Road there.

What kind of cough cough diesel do the Ballygawley ones take …


If Customs are looking in this thread…I want to state for the record that only white diesel is used.

Not a drop a Red or Green around the place.



cheers lads

looking at a ford S-max - 2015 ish , will have to go with the older model as VRT will make the new model 2016 a bit too more expensive.

Have an 2008 focus to trade in 190Km on it so its not too bad, would rather trade it in that sell it privately , but that could change , makes it more appealing to go north if they take the car off you.

Any truth to the rumour the further north you go the cheaper the car will be as its handy for the southerners to just stick the head into the border and get out again.


In my experience…the best deals are with smaller independent traders…the location wouldn’t really come into it.

The flip side is maybe you get better peace of mind buying from the bigger Dealers should anything happen.

Besides…you’ll find most of the big dealerships are in Belfast anyway.


I’m only seeing Derek Trotter here …


what money in a trade in is standard enough for the 08 focus as Im looking at doing doing that myself also but have zero idea


I have a 2010 top spec Qashqai with relatively low mileage on it. I rang a garage up north to see if they’d consider a southern reg trade in. The dealer was a decent enough fella and obviously told me I’d be better to sell it privately as I’d get more but said to leave it with him and he’d ring a few garages he knows down south to see if they’d take the Qashqai off me. He told me that over the last year the southern garages had been less willing to help facilitate such a deal as they were only helping to drive business up north.

Privately they are selling for 9K-10K … He phoned me back the following day and I was offered 5K as a trade in. Just said no thanks and am still on the lookout….


2k to 2.5k on a straight trade in down here i have been told


London, Paris, Peckham? We have it covered.


If you have any kind of decent motor if you can get rid of it privately you are better off - going into a garage with a wad of cash gives you more bargaining power.


yeah might throw up an ad and see how it goes.


sound as I was offered 3.5 as a trade in off an 11d focus estate. Might go with that so


not too bad so


I’m just on the train up now to pick one up, even with the VRT I reckon I’m saving 3-4k on the same model down south. Going to a Charles Hurst just outside Belfast, prices are slightly sharper then the huge one on the Boucher Road. Still have to unload my own 2006 Peugeot, but it’s worth so little I might just scrap it and be done with it…

Also look up TransferWise if you are doing a bank transfer. Much better rates then the arses in the banks give


Anyone go to matches in Manchester regularly? What kind of time/distance to city centre. Any good hotels?


Useless fcukers the lot of ye …


They all have you on “ignore user”…

Come on, open goal for you now…


Went there once, was going to a game in Blackpool, proper football aye, none of yer “United” and “Citeeey” shiiiiite.
Tried to book a nice old place near the centre that was good value but they cancelled on us, ended up at the Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn far out near The Etihad, only affordable place for those of us on a budget.
Enjoyed the city, but it’s huge and not really a central area to do a walk around for good pubs and restaurants (bit messy near the main train station etc), Had a walk round the restored canals area in Salford the next morning, that was good.

Blackpool was great, especially in winter. Grim, but great. Want to go back for a game in Preston, and then Accrington Stanley.