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Cheers ,just back from plumbing shop & was advised under no certain terms to turn off any valves connected to the hot thank so as he suggested it’s either the red valves on the pipes closest to both walls .
Thanks for the advice guys , much appreciated !

In first picture there’s a strong chance red gate valve is the one for cold supply to washbasins and toilets. Check if that pipe comes down from ceiling and straight down through floor boards.
If it does Turn clockwise to close. See if water stops .


Update , it was none of them valves I took a picture of :rofl:.
Twas this one

Process of elimination , figured it was at the same height as the pipe going into the on suite next door .
Had the cistern off , drained & ready to roll & of course I was missing the one tool to take the
nut off under the donut . Ballix it anyway , I’ll pick one up tomorrow .


Nothing quick and easy, label them valves while your at it also if your near a Homebase you will pick that tool up for a fiver .


Amen brother :metal:


That towel needs a wash!


I didn’t even know it was there :cold_sweat:


You could turn off the supply to the hot tank so long as you don’t empty any of it and remember to turn it back on before using any hot tap.

You could do worse than get a quote to replace the hot water tank with a combi boiler. It can be a big initial outlay but would probably save you money in the long run.


@beeko @Nappertandy @Navyseal1

Finally got the tool to finish the job . Diaphragm had gone in Syphon as I suspected . Fair play lads for the helpful advice . Hopefully I can return the favour at some stage :call_me_hand:


The plastic plate at the bottom perished seems quite common now for that to happen, I repaired one myself last year using the plastic screen protector from an iPad. Fair play to you for taking on the repair yourself well done .


Yeah , it’s from putting those blue tablets in & the shite water out where I live corroding everything . Tbf it lasted well over 10 years so no complaints . The diaphragm only costs a €1 in woodies but just changed out the whole unit (€10 )
I’ve read elsewhere people doing what you did , fair play .


Good stuff, what can be handy also is ever doing it again or for a friend is to fit a two part siphon . Looks like the new one you probably fitted but has a nut half way up. Means if it ever goes again you don’t have to undo cistern or turn off water.


Yeah there was the option of getting that one but it was about €28. But it saves alot of hassle.


Sounds dear, usually 18 to 20. But sure it’s done now , you should be alright for a while .


Yeah , this plumbing shop wouldn’t be known for its reasonable prices , Unfortunately I had no other option.


Howdy Lads, getting tyres fitted tomorrow.

Choice of these

Event. 205/55/17. €80 Rating.(Fuel:C/Wet:B/72Db)
Budget brand Pace €70 Rating.(Fuel:C/Wet:C/71Db)

Going to go after the Event tyre, any one have them. This is all thats in my budget range.



Any tips for buying cars up north lads ?


Check how much the VRT is gonna cost


yeah have an eye on that, just wondering if there are any dealers recommended - some do trade ins with southern regs , is it worth it. Do any of the car sales men or women have hair like @upthedall .


I have been looking in to this recently. Had my eye on a few Mazda CX5’s. Was looking at ones from Mazda Dealerships… they came with full “Used Mazda Approved” warranty (which is basically a 12 month warranty. However when I checked this with Mazda Ireland, the warranty is not covered down south.

So basically I was looking at a April 2015 Mazda CX. If I lived up north it came with a full 12 month Warranty. If I bought it and took it home the only warranty I’d have is the remainder of the European 3 Year Manufacturers warranty (unless I brought it back up north if something went wrong). That gave me food for thought.

What are you looking at? … There is great value to be had in NI or UK.


Charles Hurst - who have a presence here now - have a huge amount of the trade up there. They are just off the A1/M1 (exit 2 to A55) on the ‘south side’ so you don’t even have to go into Belfast city centre. Well worth a day’s ramble - they have a number of dealerships there covering every make. Northern cars tend to have low enough mileage - many have never even been outside Ulster - and always seem to have a better spec! IMO you can negotiate a better deal face to face … with cash.