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I had 215/40/17 on my old Volvo and the same garage in Lusk that @whatever was on about did tyres for me for €67 a corner fitted if that’s any use to you @JJF?


Cheers! That’s a good price.


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No, thank God.


There’s plenty of other mutations to worry about :wink:


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Question regarding a Sky + HD box .
I don’t have a sub with sky anymore so am currently using it as Free To Air box picking up the English channels . I also use it to watch the BT Sport’s package with Eir .
Has anyone tried running a cable from the RF port on the sky box to the telly . Something along the lines of the Skyeye setup . Im not bothered with the Skyeye option of been able to switch the channels . I’m just wondering will it send a signal to the TV . Looking to see if my TV can record stuff off it as Sky disables the recording function on your box once you cancel their service .


Jimmy’s winning thatches


Looking for some plumbing advice .
Upstairs on suite toilet is having problems flushing .
Reckon the Syphon is gone in it . We replaced the one in the downstairs bathroom & that solved a similar issue . But oddly in the upstairs toilet there’s no valve to turn off the water supply , just has what appears to be the pipe supplying the water . Any ideas where to turn off the water to this toilet :thinking:

Just took some pics from the hot press upstairs which , if any of these valves might turn it off ( water to upstairs toilet )

I also read you might be able to turn off the supply from a valve under the sink in the kitchen


Anybody have experience of mice inside walls in a house? Have been hearing scratchiness above kitchen, hard to know where to place traps though as the wall is adjoining to neighbours, and entrance probably is an airvent facing to back garden


That looks like an older style plumbing layout.
Generally (though I am open to correction), your toilets cisterns and cold water supply to bath/shower and wash hand basins would come from the cold water storage tank, usually located in the attic. There may be a valve on one of the outflow pipes (near the bottom) from this cold water storage, this pipe feeding the cisterns, etc. This pipe may well feed your immersion tank also, I’m not sure. There should also be a valve (maybe located under the stairs) on a pipe which feeds the cold water storage. You could turn this valve off (you will still have fresh mains supply to your kitchen sink) and drain the cold water storage by turning on the bath cold tap until the cold water storage empties. Pull the (busted) flush to make sure its cistern is empty. Then you can set about changing the siphon.
If there is a valve on the outflow (feed) pipe from the cold water storage, just close this and drain anything from that pipe by running the cold tap in the bath until nothing comes out.


Cheers :+1:


Looking at your hot water cylinder the first valve on left is cold feed from tank ( if your turn that off you will stop hw tank from filling) the next valve is hot feed to taps or shower ( look like later installation and not original).
In first pick the silver flexi hose with the black valve is a filler for heating system if it runs low. The red valve beside looks like it’s possibly an alteration and at a guess a cold supply (touch pipe to see if it’s hot/ cold, turn off valve and see if you have no water at taps or follow pipe if possible )
Second picture, top lever valve is heating loop bypass for heating hot water from central heating system the other valve is isolating for heating coil.
To isolate your toilet turn on cold tap in same bathroom then turn off valve at storage tank in attic, the valve should be on the lowest pipe leaving the tank. Note I would not be surprised if the red valve beside black valve in pic 1 was it.


Cheers ,just back from plumbing shop & was advised under no certain terms to turn off any valves connected to the hot thank so as he suggested it’s either the red valves on the pipes closest to both walls .
Thanks for the advice guys , much appreciated !


Did you arrive in plumbers providers all gowned up and give him the impression your supplying hot water to the icu .