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Car problems. The wing morrior won’t fold, but the real problem is the motor keeps running trying to force it to fold so if it is left like that the battery will go. As a temporary solution I took the fuse out, but it seems it is the same fuse as the automatic door lock so now all doors have to be locked manually.


Probably stripped gear teeth on the mirror motor. If you could partially remove the door trim close to the mirror, you should be able to reach in and disconnect the connector going to the mirror. Replace the fuse and least you have your central locking back till you get it sorted.


Yep, that seems to be the short term solution alright. Cheers


Howdy folks, that time of year to get the tyres changed. I’m getting quotes of the usual suspects and they seem to be working out the same for budget and mid range tyres. Has anyone ever got part worn / re-threads? I have an NCT in February and have spent close to a grand in the last couple of weeks getting car into shape so I need to watch me pennies. Recommend any good hope? cheers


As an ex mechanic I always Reccommend get the car put through the test first to see what they fail it on, then get that fixed. I’ve often found that garages often want to fix stuff that won’t cause it to fail the test, or anything that increases the labor hours! I saw one occasion where a reputable dealership was suggesting over €2k in work on a 12 year old car (not worth it) I stepped in as it was an elderly neighbor. Put it in for the test, and €1.50 later on a stop light bulb, she had a new cert on her car!!!

As for tyres, I have used part worns to get cars through NCTs before so they serve a purpose but if you plan to keep the car, new tyres are often the way forward. There’s a New brand going around now, Black Lion tyres, quite cheap but bloody good quality. They’re advertised outside the relevant tyre shops. I put them on my car 2 years ago, they have been terrific, low road noise, good economy and most of all, good grip.


Have you two kissed and made up?
If you were to believe what you read around here, it appears you hold a grudge better than you can hold a note, @Rochey.


Cheer Rochey. Have had to get the Turbo done and Exhaust flap+2 joiner sleeves done. In terms of the tyres do most tyre outlets stock them and how much per tyre? cheers


Rochey is very forgiving. More than I deserve!


agree with rochey - i did a free NCT check with a company. i had a list as long as my arm with them. i didn’t get any of it done , put it through the NCT and while it failed , it failed for a few things they didn’t pick up and also they were telling me i needed to replace parts on the car for new parts as they weren’t secure after a small tip i had (plastic clips broken type of thing), these existing parts could have been secured in an alternative fashion according to the lad in the NCT center.


Cheers - I the car should pass once I get tyres sorted. If it gets through I’m putting it for sale and going to try and finance for a Dacia.


I don’t hold grudges lad!


If you are after spending a grand on it, would you not be better off keeping it for another year. You probably won’t get it back on a trade in?


A lot of the smaller tyre centers are stocking them now, but the main places (fast-fit or advance) are not stocking them. Price depends on tyre size. Sure shop around and pop up the prices you’re quoted here and what make of tyre each is. The bridgestones of this world are great tyres, but mega money! There are other great tyres out there, that don’t have the brand name and a lot cheaper.


So far I have been getting quotes around the Hifly @75€ each, fitted. Event tyres 80 each, fitted. Im just flecking smashed after paying the money to get it fixed.


See this is the thing. I have never had much luck with cars. I am commuting up and down to Dublin in it and A-Z at the weekend. When shit goes wrong it eats into the MONEY. I am bricking it that we won’t get another 2 years out of it and trading in a diesel at that stage we will get feck all for it.


Tyre size?




205/55/17. ill never buy a car again with 17" wheels.


I have 225/45/19 on my car. Fooking huge and expensive. Had to replace 3 tires after just over a year. I got Nexen SU4 from for €100 each and a garage in Lusk fitted them for €15 each. I was getting €120-€160 prices here for the budget brands, €180 for midrange and €200 + premium.


Holy crap that’s some cost all the same. I thought 75 was bad!