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I’ve been using for years now and no one can ever beat the quotes they get for me


they always put it up and hope that you don’t bother to look around. Definitely cheaper deals to be had. I have found the AA relatively cheap the last year or two


I switched my insurance and the wife’s to supervalu - bet all other quotes hands down plus you get vouchers to spend in shop and 1000 points if you have a clubcard


Shop around. And even if you can’t do much better, tell them you can (with a few numbers to back it up). Practice to make it sound convincing.

All that said, premiums can go up at times with different companies depending what goes on but if they really don’t need your business or whatever, you should be able to find something acceptable elsewhere. Unless the cartel has it really well-sewn up.


Couldn’t find anything cheaper today so going to give it another go tomorrow.

Rang up the current broker and they said they couldn’t do anything on the price even if I wanted to move. Started spouting on about a 7 year cycle for insurance premiums and that the media were making them look bad by saying premiums should be dropping, I actually think he was looking for me to sympathise with the insurance companies


Soooooooo, are you going to call their bluff and say you got a better offer and yer off? You surely must be at least able to get a match to their offer? It’s the only way to really test their nerve,even though it is of course a pain if you end up actually changing over.
When is it actually due up, I mean have you any time to spend on staring them down? Maybe it’s just simply the cartel has it sewn up. Is it anything to do with the age and environmental standard of the car etc?


I got my renewal f from Insurance Broker just before christmas for my Car , I have my Car and Van with them. My car insurance went from 650 last year to 1,000 this year. (Makes absolutely no sense) The Broker said they could get me an alternative price of 850. No matter what I said they said this was their best price.
I eventually told them to forget it and went with Quote Devil they gave me better cover but I still had to pay 750.
My Van insurance was up last week and Broker was able to give me same price as last year for my Van.
I think they just think of a number and double it at times.
Very annoying.


I’m going to try a few more brokers today, Quotedevil due to ring me this morning too. Hopefully I’ll get a decent offer from one of them and be able to use it for a bit of bargaining with the current lads. Yeah, the thoughts of changing over is nearly driving me to just take the increase and forget about it. they said yesterday that the only ways they could reduce it would be to reduce the cover from fully comp to third party, increase the excess or take away the NCB protection. I’d be tempted to reduce to third party as the car probably isn’t worth too much anymore.
It’s not up until 2nd of February so I’ve a bit of time to ring around. The car is an 05 diesel so that’s probably working against me too


It’s fairly painless so don’t let that be a factor - that’s exactly what they want. Try to keep policy consistent - if you drop stuff this year and you get a newer car later the same crack could start i.e. Increasing premium.


Best of luck. Stare them down I say, it’s what I always try to do, you won’t always win but you’ll feel better for it if you play your best game. Sounds like a newer vehicle would solve some problems but of course it’s a big commitment. Post 2009 or 2010 models are much cheaper to tax and insure than pre-those years. And diesel is cheaper of course.


Strangely I was changing my car in September last year which is also around the car my policy is up.
I had to get renewal quotes for the car I had and the potential new car I was getting.
With my insurer at the time (Allianz) I was getting a similar renewal for staying with the car I had at the time, and I was getting about €150 increase to move to a newer car (moving from a 2008 1.9TDI to a 2016 1.6TDI so assumed it would go down)
But when I rang around I got onto Zurich and they were giving me a dearer quote if I was staying with the 2008 but about €100 cheaper to move to the 2016.

Someone on here presumably works in insurance and can confirm this, but all car types seem to be put into categories and quotes based on that, however there doesn’t seem to be uniformity across the different insurers on what cars are in those categories.
So definitely keep phoning around everywhere and you will find what’s best.
I found the likes of Glennon as a brokers got me a very good quote a few years ago, might be worth a try!


Ah, there was a load on here at one stage that worked in insurance. Used to get great deals for fellow ressers :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::joy::joy:


What are you falcon on about?


Good insurance deals are at a premium these days …


Did you ever get planning permission for the 20 acres on the moon he sold you?


Great deals until you need to use the policy.


No, but I’m pretty sure the magic beans he sold me will come good, some day!


Got them down to last years premium by saying I had a quote from AA for that amount, raging that I didn’t go lower


That’s a good result @Bolo - doubt they’d have gone much lower.


Britton Insurance have given me best prices I could find, decent to deal with too: