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I’ve Virgin broadband and it’s brilliant

This is the test from upstairs with the router downstairs.

If I’m downstairs it’s even better


show off…


got back onto sky and got a better offer. All in for the year of 930 a saving off 378. fuking broadband is the big cost and sacrifice of the multiroom. Ill stick an android box in there to make up the deficit or saorview connect box.

I guess living in Mordor what can expect.


That’s brilliant & kinda blows that other argument out the window about it evening out at 30 or 40 mb.


Friend moved into new house just before xmas got sky very basic package installed. A week after installation sky phoned offered to add sky movies for €6:99 a month for 12 months, she was delighted and took offer. Not too sure how much of a deal she got but it might be worth your while to test the waters with them a little.


Tp links my good man ! No issues with broadband then for streaming the TV .


Give it another 30 years & we might catch up out here :wink:


Ya better make that 50 the way things are going here. What ever happened to SIRO. A load of me hoop.


Sorry should have clarified that it depends on device. I have an old iphone where the wifi speed flattens out at this. Newer laptops/tablets will get better speeds.


Another question for ya lads, any plumbers or energy specialists. SSE Airtricity want to give me one of these for been such a good boy, a climote…

Are they any good and beneficial or just a big fancy on and off button?


They’re good. You need it wired in right, but yeah, they do as they say. It’s like having the dial in your pocket at all times, rather than just stuck to the front of the boiler.

If it’s free, grab it.

There’s a load of alternatives, right up to an including making your own with Alexa and Sonoff parts.


It was that or a free boiler service. I get the boiler done ever year. Boiler service is worth 90 brick and the gizmo fancy looking fat iPod thing is 400. Feck it I think ill jump on it.


Its basically a handy on /off swich. That allows you turn on or off your heating from your phone if you chose.
It has a yearly subscription to keep the app going after the first year i think.
Nest or Hive or netamo don’t.
But sure if its free.



Yeah thats right. There is a subscription though very small. Il sit on for a few days. Should probably do the sensible thing and take the free service.


I’ve a system called Heatmiser and it’s brilliant and very handy especially for this time of the year to set the heating on in the gaf when your out or coming home from work etc or when your away.


I have it. Handy number. Had It 3 years before they wanted the subscription. Thermo stat in with it so well worth it


HOw much is the subscription?


20 for the year
50 for 3 years.

It’s an decent timer if nothing else and as I say has the stat feeding back into it so will turn off heating


Lads Gas Boiler question. I was up in my oul wans to discover that her boiler has no built in timer! She is switching it on and off at the power socket. This can’t be good. So two questions.

  • Who fits these? Sparky or Gas Boiler technician.
  • And can they be bought easily enough, do they ave to be the same brand as the boiler?



Plumber , ours went a few months ago . Not sure on cost , call out etc . They can do wiring too & will supply the unit .Doesnt have to be the same , they’ll just wire the new one .Quick job , about 30 minutes .