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Maybe, but would probably cost more on running costs…


PM sent, I install heating and plumbing .


Is the David Brent movie not being showed in cinemas at the moment? Had a look around there and cant find it on anywhere


I seen it in Coolock about two weeks ago and there was only a handful of people at it so probably didn’t last long.

BTW when I say I seen it, I seen bits and had a nap for the majority of it.


But you were not really a fan of the office either were you? I’ve heard great reports so Im still holing out hope. Ah will just have to legally download it…

Speaking of Coolock, has anyone seen the clip of the 2 lads fighting on the Malahide road the other night? Seen the article but cant find the clip anywhere


No never got into it tbh. The fuhrer is a fan so went to keep the peace.


Ah well there you go, love all his stuff


I’ve yet to see the movie nor have I seen much else of Gevaise’s work, other than the original TV show of The Office. Personally, I think The Office is one of the funniest written and acted sitcoms of all time. I think anyone who works or has worked within an (open-plan) office environment can see some of the characters from The Office in former or current colleagues. Everyone knows a David Brent or a Gareth Keenan or a Keith “a word of advice” Bishop.


Well you need to watch his other stuff too. Extras is hilarious. Derek is brilliantly funny too and will have you crying at times too. Genius stuff


If only I had the time…


Theres a video on youtube of Ricky singing a bedtime song to Elmo the Sesame St character. Very funny


I’m a big fan of his characters and TV shows but dislike Ricky Gervais, the atheist and animal rights activist.



How is that conflicted? He doesnt believe in a makey uppy thing, but believes that humans should not harm animals? For the record, I fookin hate cats


Conflicted coz he likes Ricky the actor but not the person.You’re just looking for conflict…


Ah right, I thought he meant Rickey was conflicted because of his beliefs, fair enough so. I may be a tad hungover, my apologies


Fixed that


Twitter peeps…Is there a way to go to the very start of a Twitter account timeline, in just one handy, dandy click? Keeping your mouse on the cursor and scrolling down thru their tweets, is mega time consuming, especially if they tweet a lot and their account is several years old. Ta.


Ceist oraibh!

Where would a man get a very big pair of football boots … size 14?!



I used to play with a fella who wore size 15 I think, they were canal barges anyway. He used to wear the slippers that were Puma Kings! Went into arnotts, ordered them and had them within 2 weeks. They were not kept on the shelf but the stockists of Puma here had a few pairs…


There’s a shoe shop on the quays just before ormond quay, heathers I think they are called that specialise in canal barges sizes.