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Yeah, first 12 months 600 brick. thats a good saving


Is the TV streaming ?
Like no cable ?


No cable. Just streaming. Id like to stay with sky but not at any price. But 600 over 12 months as opposed to 1104 is a no brainer. Now I appreciate the total cost is 1152 over 18 months… still.


Yeah sounds good .I just hope their streaming is better than their rte player . That is terrible .


Is Vodafone TV deal any use and can you get sky sports with them ?


Not surw what the deal is with them now but I changed over from Sky and while their EPG & interface isn’t anywhere near as good as Sky, I’m happy out with what I have.

You can get BT Sport & Sky Sports packs with them.


just got shot down on the eir tv as i don’t have the broadband speed. nads. Any other recommendations?


is that eir?


Nope, Vodafone


Used this deal to leverage a €30 per month discount off my current Virgin rate for the next 6 months. Told them straight up I was leaving for the Eir deal (you need to be out of contract or coming towards it) and they put me through to Sales who offered the discount. Their wired broadband speed of 240 Mb is obviously faster but all wifi typically flattens out at around 30-40Mb.


I requested a call back of them so going to see about their broadband and tv. Just have to convince the fun prevevtion officer.


What’s the Virgin box and epg like to use?


Epg is ok. Box can be clunky at times and slow. Have one of the Horizon ones a number of years now so could prob do with replacing. I’d prefer to just stream TV off my android box but the missus wants the Virgin box to record stuff.


The same with mine and that’s been the problem with sky is that it’s a really good service - but just to damn expensive.


Any android boxes you’d reommend?


YEs! Mi box wetek play 2 and nvidia shield. I’ll drop ya a pm on the pros and cons. All good ones and none of that cheap Chinese shite


Didn’t know that. Good to keep that in mind when looking around as I assumed virgin speed would be faster regardless bit only if it’s wired up?


All depends how close you are to the router & how good the WiFi is on the device .
Heres a speed test standing beside the router

Here’s one from about 30 feet away

That’s off a 100mb line .

Distance is always key here .
Eircom is quite good but it can be hit & miss where you are living .Good link to explain it here


This is all I’m getting on wifi around 20ft away. Im pretty goosed in terms of options for tv.


Jesus lads this is like Back to the Future for me. Haven’t a clue what’s going on. Fair play to yis but it really underlines how far behind I’ve fallen on these things … :open_mouth: