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Thats a nice looking job, bit of carpet and a few canine creature comforts and it’ll be home sweet home for the pooch!


Yeah , your man seems to do good work .His portfolio is impressive . Handy earner as well I’d say .
Did your carpet get damp ? I think you said you lined it with that .
I’m not sure if I’ll put any in if that’s the case .It’s insulated
"House is built with pressure treated timber and 25mm of insulation is inserted into the walls floor and roof."
Carpet to keep the heat in , would I need it ?


I used this stuff for insulation which was easy to cut to size and secure in place with a staple gun

Carpet went in over that, never got wet (even this week) and the hard wearing office stuff is easy to sweep out. I picked up a remnant for €20 in carpet express in Santry


Excellent , I’ll see how it goes & might throw in the carpet later , cheers for that !


I was wondering if somebody could help me out with something. Its being 15 months now and I was wondering if Peter Crowley has ever managed to get back to his feet after that shoulder from Kev?

Sorry, its the winter and im getting withdrawals


In fact I don’t think he’s been the same player at all the last two years. Looked like he’d be an important leader on the field after 2014 but seems he has gone backwards since. I like him as a player I have to say. That collision from Kevin was very unfortunate.


Lads anyone selling a second hand MacBook Air? Looking for one fir the father in law before I loose all reason for living try to update his goddam windows 10 piece of shit. A 2009 MacBook Air would do nicely! I thought I chance me arm! Cheers


Have “a ball with cars on it” for the Santy list. If anyone sees one let me know! Can’t get one anywhere!


Have an oldish style laminate floor in the utility room with the washing machine. I noticed a few weeks ago that it was a little bit wet around 1 or 2 of the planks in front of the machine. It has continued to get worse and now when I press down on the plank water will come through the cracks. I’m guessing this is gonna result in pulling the planks up but wondering if anyone has any hints/suggestions?


Is it better than Dessie Dolan’s utility room?


Am I bein fick ere Arry or is it not simply an issue of a leak from the washer?


check your washing machine.

the water ion the floorboards will dry off if that is whats causing it.


Checked the wachine machine and doesnt seem to be any leaks in it. I checked the connections at the back and also the filter which was tight. It could be the case that the last time the filter got blocked there was a good bit of water spilled onto and into the boards. How long would that take to dry out? Room would be the same temp as they rest of the house


Move the washer out a bit for a few weeks so that area can dry?


The area that is wet is a foot in front of the machine, where I would normally pull it out if it was blocked. The boards at the base of the machine seem fine, its just the ones 2 rows in front of it


Laminate floors highly resistant to water also the underlay which is put down under laminate is also water resistant. Water spilt on floor trapped between underlay and laminate can take 2 weeks to evaporate.A reason for water to gather in the location it has, could be down to it being a shallow point in the original floor underneath. To speed up drying place open sheets of newspaper on floor.
If still concerned machine is leaking place newspaper on floor behind machine after a wash check paper if top of paper is wet you have leak if under paper is wet it’s residual from previous


Good man napper


The boss has asked me to get vouchers for the staff for Christmas for their Christmas bonuses. I suggested One4all but he’s dead against them for some reason. Would anyone be able to suggest an alternative? I can’t really think of any apart from going to individual retailers which might not suit all staff


Why is he against all4one? Can they not write them of in tax?


They depreciate in value every month they re not used and there s a charge when you buy one . So a 40 euro voucher costs 42.50 for e.g. . The boss is right imo. Buy the staff vouchers for jervis centre or blanch.