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I done the right thing lads and sold it on. ■■■■ it. I hadn’t the patience. Guy who bought it of me said it was piece of piss to sort out. It made me inferior for about three seconds and then I thought could be worse…

All in all it was a bargain… but these hands where made for zipping over qwerty keyboards not for drilling holes and applying epoxy glue.


Good stuff and now you will know what to look out for with these things in the future .Win win situation :blush:


First I time I ever heard of a man celebrating turning down the chance for a whole lot of screwing.


Know there’s a few :dog2: lovers here .Anybody try their hand at building a dog house .Toying with the idea instead of buying one .It’s a big dog so will have to be large .Any suggestions would be grateful .Or even just ideas for insulating the house .


Did it a few years ago and saved a few bob. I put insulation on the interior and a little flap on the front to keep out wind and rain, but the pair of thicks just chewed it all off. They didn’t eat the timbers or roof felt off it, so it stayed relatively water proof and they both stayed in it when weather was poor, so I guess it was a success! I burned the timbers in the fire (kindling) after they both died and all we could smell was singed hair!!!

Built a slightly smaller one this time around as we only have one dog this time, he’s a big dog, but he’s also a chewing mutt so he has destroyed the roof felt and made the entrance to the kennel bigger!!!

Best timber I found (and cheapest) was pallets. Use the lats on the pallets to make the floors, walls and roofs, Make the back wall higher than the front by a few inches so you’ll have a tilted roof on it, and cover the top with felt. Also, raise the floor of the kennel off the ground by a few inches. It will prevent the timbers rotting and keep the kennel warmer. Get a good wood preservative and paint it all up and it will last you a good few years. Easily the life of the dog anyway.


Jesus … you cremated your dogs???


Actually we did. Just not in the fireplace! Our friend is a vet nurse and she did it as a gift for us. I didn’t even know that such a thing existed before they died!


My brother built one for his big Labrador called Dido. She lived for 18 years and never once went into it, no matter how cold or wet it was. He tried everything but she just refused. So be warned!


He should have known when he called her Dido that there would be No Surrender …


Thank you.


Was thinking something along the lines of this

I love the idea of the piece of wood blocking the draft coming in on the third picture . Aluminium on the edges to prevent him chewing on it .


Ah my bucko is cute hoor , he had no problem with sleeping in the one I built / converted for him !


Got one for my pair of cocker spaniels in Maxi Zoo, one of them decided to shred the liner and insulation that I had installed, used to sit on the roof pulling the cover apart too.

I thwarted him by buying a remnant of heavy duty office carpet and lining the kennel with that, all duly stapled into place. Stuck a couple of planters on the roof to keep him off that too.

A quick painting with some fence-life every summer and its good to go.


Yeah I tried to insulate before & he ripped it off !


Funnily enough, my cocker loved the insulation in her kennel and never touched it once. Chewing her bed while indoors would be the issue!


Mine is verrrryyyy destructive :japanese_ogre:


Went for this in the end . Only problem is guy custom builds them so have to wait 2-3 weeks for it .But it was bloody cold out here last night , 1 degree this morning :anguished:

Not sure why he needs a window but what the hell :laughing:


Lots of timber there, nice


Yeah hopefully does the job !


It’s great the way he does the garden wall and the gable of the house to make it more aesthetically pleasing!