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Jesus when does the season start back :exploding_head:


Ok lads, a question for the DIY innovators. I bought a second hand IKEA wardrobe (mistakenly thought it was from the PAX system. When I got home with it I realised the gromits (where the screws go in) in the main supporting sides where damaged. They are completely wrecked so the screw has nothing to grip into.

Rang I kea to discover they don’t sell the product anymore. So ten million euro question, anyone ever do a hack with these and put them together?


:fire: :fire: :fire:!!!

Wood filler alone may not fill the entire depth of the screw holes. I would use a piece of dowel, toothpicks, or a carved piece of wood covered in wood glue and fitted tightly into the holes. Using the wood and glue method will give you a nice dense fill so the new screw will not split the remaining original casing.


Cheers Unbelievable. See images below. I seen a good YouTube video on particle board repair. I got the assembly instructions of IKEA’s website so I am going to see will they sell me the screws etc.

Ill try and repair it with this. Its really the carcasses that need the repair the sliding doors are perfect.


Ohhh , that doesn’t look good . Yeah try a combination of what I posted above .Maybe a chippie on here might have some better solutions .That stuff you posted should do the job
When you said screws did you mean dowels ?



These parts here. Ill go up to IKEA and see what the craic is. Im sure I could get them there.



Looks doomed. However, if you put some small lats of timber behind where the screws go into, you can use them to bind them into place. A bit like a clamp, but before hand fill the damaged hole on the chipboard with a good wood glue. Otherwise, you’ll need a new sheet of chipboard, cut to the exact same size and drilled likewise.

I’ve just read this back, it’s a terrible description. Basically…

Screw -> damaged board filled with glue -> new piece of pine lat on far side.

Basically using the new timber lat as a grip for the screw…

Nope, haven’t described that any better, have I!

I give up


Yeah Rochey it looks doomed. I could very well end up having to get two new sides of particle boards alright. Or I might be able to fill them holes with the epoxy and and secure it with new fittings.

But jaysus this American dude here repaired worst.


Jesus , the last person must have made a bollix of putting it together ! It might look odd if you do it rocheys way , it’ll work but will it be exposed on the outside in regards to this part " Basically using the new timber lat as a grip for the screw…".


the damage was done when they where taking it apart and dopey fuuck features ‘me’ went and bought it without inspecting it properly.


:rofl:, ah not to worry .It’ll be a good learning experience for ya trying to fix it :laughing:


True, if I can get those gromits filled and solid I’ll be two thirds there. Ill also whack in a few extra screws along the base for extra strength.


You need one of these



Their pretty common in alot of Ikea units. Whether they give out spares is another thing.


My tuppence worth, if you really want to save it and you have the patience and time I would forget about the original fixings get a box of decent wooodscrews ( spaxs) 3x 50s tube of wood glue and some wood fillers. Glue all the joints and screw together if you have exposed sides you will have to just screw and fill the units will be grand. As rochey said if there are any weak spots use timber batten in corners or across the back.when all assembled and holes and screws filled you can purchase a paint for units in ikea to finish. Personally I would go for the fire option above but good luck :+1:


Jaysus your a glass half full type of guy aren’t ya? But to be fair I might end up doing just that. But as I said I might be able to salvage this yet! If I do I’ll post a photo and if don’t I’ll post a photo of it meeting its maker in a little bomfire.


Cheers! It’s only those two support parts of the carcsss that’s effected, the rest are ok. If I can the outer carcass built I should be good!


If you get the screw combination ( to make it up to you I’ll see if I have any spare ones in the shed) drill a small hole further along and fix them there.