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Ah don’t skip the meet and greet with Donaghy. He’ll be gutted. It’s not his fault he’s past it.


Many vats of Bacon and Cabbage have been boiling away all week ahead of Gooch’s testicle dinner tonight.

Birds trifle for desert with extra jelly option available…


I’m an ex-Kerry footballer, get me outta here??


Gooch Tucker Challenge!


Which soup will you go for, thick or thin?


I hear it’s carrot and coriander in honour of the host …


Where’s this Gooch thing on tonight , I’ll be in the big smoke tonight , might pop into the afters .


The Travelodge just off the N3.


Berno showed up.


These are available to buy on their facebook page


Nice one , never thought of checking there , your a star :blush:


I need to get my boiler serviced, would anyone know roughly how much this should cost? any recommendations for companies who do it in Fingal? Cheers.


Are you with SSE airtricity? They provide a boiler service.


I’m with Energia, just checked their website and they do services for €85. I’m assuming this is a competitive price as airtricity are around the same


Yeah €85 is quite good - was gonna say around the ton should be where it’s at. You won’t even get a tradesman out of bed in the morning for less than €60.


And if said tradesman does get out of bed they will call out sometime between 8am and 8pm.

85 is good for a service.


I heard you’d get into bed for that amount.


You’ve got tradesman entrances up there in D9? Here in D11, we have to let them in the front door. The horror!


Jesus no. Mucky boots and all that!! Also, check that you still have the Capodimonte ornaments in the hall.


Capidomonte - You mean these?