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I know the girlfriends family used Fairco in their house and were very happy with it


I had a sales rep in the house last night and she talked a lot about the wear of the seals and the hinges after only a few years if you go with cheaper/inferior quality. I wasn’t sure if it was just her pitch to explain their 3 grand difference to Munster or if she was talking sense. It would be interesting to know if this has happened to anyone. Do you know how long your girlfriends family have them in?


only a year or so so not long enough to tell for wear and tear.


Always better to pay the few bob for the likes of this. On personal experience with both I would definitely go with Senator. Also check out the warranties. You should be getting at least 10 years I reckon.


Got windows in recently by Fairco. Very happy with them. At least the wife was - I reckon we’d have got another 20 years out of the old ones!


Thanks lads, I’ll let you know how I get on


We went with Senator about 5 years ago for all windows plus front door and back French doors. Very happy with finished product but we did have a ‘snag list’ after the guys were finished which tool a couple of weeks to get sorted. T’was only small things like missing safety catches etc, and they cracked one pane during installation which they replaced. This would be the case for any window company I’d imagine.


@Bolo just to clarify my experiences were with Senator & Munster - much preferring the former. Hear good things about Fairco too. Is that the one where you get your money back if someone tries to break in?!


McMahon’s in Swords are the ones we’re leaning towards if anyone has any experience with them. I’d be keen to go with Senator but they’re out of our price range


Anyone know if ya can but these glasses online or even if they are for sale in the pub ? Would make a nice Xmas present ! And no , I don’t work for them :yum:


5 Lamps is a well known brewer at this stage so must be able to buy stuff online or in pubs that especially stick their stuff. Try the brewery website


Yeah I looked at their site but nothing was for sale .


Any of ye going to Gooch’s testimonial later? I’m meeting a few Kerry lads in Paddy Cullen’s beforehand - a touch ironic … is Sheehy’s boot still behind the bar? Gonna have a few scoops before heading across the road for the main event. Was a bit sceptical when I heard about it first but have to say I can’t wait now!


How the boot has turned eh?


I wonder how many Kerry greats from the past will attend? I wonder if they are in any way envious or sceptical?


I am hoping there will be a good few of them so I can add to my GAA Illuminati Scrapbook. Jacko, Bomber, Spillane, Johnno, Sheehy and others. I probably won’t bring the autograph book but definitely going for a few selfies. I think there might be a current Kerry player at our table. I hope it’s Star. If i had to invite 4 people to dinner he’d be one of them.


Are you slipping into Aido mode?


Just excited I suppose. Meeting a load of boyhood heroes in the one room. And then Gooch! Probably won’t even be able to eat me €250 dinner with all the excitement!


250… did you get a discount? :roll_eyes:


Skipping the starter …